Tools for Parsing and Generating XML Within R and S-Plus

Global functions
$,libxmlTypeTable-method Man page
$,xmlSchemaRef-method Man page
$<-,libxmlTypeTable-method Man page
.InitSAXMethods Man page
.onLoad Source code
COMPACT Man page
DTDATTR Man page
DTDLOAD Man page
Doctype Man page Source code
Doctype-class Man page
ExternalReference-class Man page
FormattedInteger-class Man page
FormattedNumber-class Man page
HTMLInternalDocument-class Man page
HUGE Man page
NOCDATA Man page
NODICT Man page
NOENT Man page
NOERROR Man page
NONET Man page
NSCLEAN Man page
OLD10 Man page
OLDSAX Man page
Percent-class Man page
RECOVER Man page
RXMLNode-class Man page
SAX1 Man page
SAXState-class Man page
SchemaAttributeGroupTable-class Man page
SchemaAttributeTable-class Man page
SchemaElementTable-class Man page
SchemaNotationTable-class Man page
SchemaTypeTable-class Man page
URI-class Man page
XMLAbstractDocument-class Man page
XMLAbstractNode-class Man page Man page
XMLAttributeDeclNode-class Man page
XMLAttributes-class Man page
XMLCodeDoc-class Man page
XMLCodeFile-class Man page
XMLDTDNode-class Man page
XMLDocumentFragNode-class Man page
XMLDocumentNode-class Man page
XMLDocumentTypeNode-class Man page
XMLEntityDeclNode-class Man page
XMLInternalCDataNode-class Man page
XMLInternalCommentNode-class Man page
XMLInternalDocument-class Man page
XMLInternalElementNode-class Man page
XMLInternalNode-class Man page
XMLInternalPINode-class Man page
XMLInternalTextNode-class Man page
XMLNamespace-class Man page
XMLNamespaceDeclNode-class Man page
XMLNamespaceDefinitions-class Man page
XMLNode-class Man page
XMLString-class Man page
XMLTreeNode-class Man page
XMLXIncludeEndNode-class Man page
XMLXIncludeStartNode-class Man page
[,XMLAttributes-method Man page
[.XMLNode Man page
[<-.XMLNode Man page
[[,XMLCodeFile,ANY,ANY-method Man page
[[,XMLCodeFile,ANY-method Man page
[[,XMLCodeFile-method Man page
[[.XMLDocumentContent Man page
[[.XMLInternalElementNode Man page
[[.XMLNode Man page
[[<-.XMLNode Man page
addAttributes Man page
addAttributes,XMLInternalElementNode-method Man page
addAttributes,XMLNode-method Man page
addCFinalizer.XMLInternalDocument Source code
addChildren Man page Source code
addChildren,XMLInternalNode-method Man page
addChildren,XMLNode-method Man page
addChildren.XMLNode Source code
addDocFinalizer Source code
addFinalizer Source code
addNames Source code
addNode Man page Source code
addNode.XMLFlatListTree Source code
addNode.XMLHashTree Man page Source code
addParentNode Source code
addSibling Man page Source code
addSibling.XMLInternalNode Source code
addXMLAttributes Source code
allNames Source code
append.XMLNode Man page Source code
append.xmlNode Man page Source code
append.xmlNode.default Source code
asRXMLNode Source code
asXMLNode Man page Source code
asXMLTreeNode Man page Source code
bob Source code
catalogAdd Man page Source code
catalogClearTable Man page Source code
catalogDump Man page
catalogLoad Man page Source code
catalogResolve Man page Source code
checkAttrNamespaces Source code
checkHandlerNames Source code
coerce,Doctype,character-method Man page
coerce,NULL,XMLNamespaceDefinitions-method Man page
coerce,URI,character-method Man page
coerce,XMLAbstractDocument,XMLAbstractNode-method Man page
coerce,XMLAbstractNode,Date-method Man page
coerce,XMLAbstractNode,POSIXct-method Man page
coerce,XMLAbstractNode,URL-method Man page
coerce,XMLAbstractNode,character-method Man page
coerce,XMLAbstractNode,integer-method Man page
coerce,XMLAbstractNode,logical-method Man page
coerce,XMLAbstractNode,numeric-method Man page
coerce,XMLCodeFile,XMLCodeDoc-method Man page
coerce,XMLDocument,XMLInternalDocument-method Man page
coerce,XMLHashTreeNode,XMLHashTree-method Man page
coerce,XMLInternalDOM,character-method Man page
coerce,XMLInternalDocument,XMLHashTree-method Man page
coerce,XMLInternalDocument,XMLInternalNode-method Man page
coerce,XMLInternalDocument,character-method Man page
coerce,XMLInternalNode,XMLHashTree-method Man page
coerce,XMLInternalNode,XMLInternalDocument-method Man page
coerce,XMLInternalNode,XMLNode-method Man page
coerce,XMLInternalNode,character-method Man page
coerce,XMLInternalTextNode,character-method Man page
coerce,XMLNamespace,character-method Man page
coerce,XMLNamespaceDefinition,character-method Man page
coerce,XMLNamespaceDefinitions,character-method Man page
coerce,XMLNamespaceRef,character-method Man page
coerce,XMLNode,XMLInternalNode-method Man page
coerce,character,Currency-method Man page
coerce,character,FormattedInteger-method Man page
coerce,character,FormattedNumber-method Man page
coerce,character,Percent-method Man page
coerce,character,XMLCodeDoc-method Man page
coerce,character,XMLCodeFile-method Man page
coerce,character,XMLNamespaceDefinitions-method Man page
coerce,libxmlTypeTable,list-method Man page
coerce,vector,XMLInternalNode-method Man page
combineNamedVectors Source code
comment.SAX Man page
comment.SAX,ANY,SAXState-method Man page
compareXMLDocs Man page Source code
completeDummyNS Source code
convertNode Source code
convertToHashTree Source code
copyXMLHashSubTree Source code
ddQuote Source code
doClean Source code
docName Man page
docName,NULL-method Man page
docName,XMLDocument-method Man page
docName,XMLDocumentContent-method Man page
docName,XMLHashTree-method Man page
docName,XMLHashTreeNode-method Man page
docName,XMLInternalDocument-method Man page
docName,XMLInternalNode-method Man page
docName,XMLNode-method Man page
docName.XMLDocument Source code
docName.XMLDocumentContent Source code
docName.XMLHashTree Source code
docName.XMLInternalDocument Source code
docName.XMLInternalNode Source code
docName<- Man page
docName<-,XMLHashTree-method Man page
docName<-,XMLInternalDocument-method Man page
dtdElement Man page
dtdElementValidEntry Man page Source code
dtdElementValidEntry.XMLElementContent Man page Source code
dtdElementValidEntry.XMLElementDef Man page Source code
dtdElementValidEntry.XMLOrContent Man page Source code
dtdElementValidEntry.XMLSequenceContent Man page Source code
dtdElementValidEntry.character Man page Source code
dtdEntity Man page
dtdIsAttribute Man page Source code
dtdValidElement Man page
endElement.SAX Man page
endElement.SAX,ANY,SAXState-method Man page
ensureNamespace Man page
entityDeclaration.SAX Man page
entityDeclaration.SAX,ANY,ANY,ANY,ANY,ANY,SAXState-method Man page
evalNode Source code
evalSection Source code
findXInclude Man page Source code
fixDummyNS Source code
fixFindXInclude Source code
fixXMLError Source code
free Man page
free,XMLInternalDocument-method Man page
genericSAXHandlers Man page Source code
getChildrenStrings Man page Source code
getCodeVar Source code
getDefaultNamespace Man page Source code
getDevAttr Source code
getEncoding Man page
getEncoding,ANY-method Man page
getEncoding,XMLInternalDocument-method Man page
getEncoding,XMLInternalNode-method Man page
getEnumValue Source code
getExtension Source code
getHTMLExternalFiles Man page Source code
getHTMLLinks Man page Source code
getHTMLTableName Source code
getLineNumber Man page Source code
getNodeLocation Man page Source code
getNodePosition Man page Source code
getNodeSet Man page Source code
getOption Source code
getRCode Source code
getRCodeNodeName Source code
getRelativeURL Man page
getRootNode Source code
getSibling Man page
getSibling.XMLHashTreeNode Source code
getSiblingXIncludeStart Source code
getTableWithRowSpan Source code
getTargetFiles Source code
getTaskId Source code
getXInclude Source code
getXIncludeInfo Source code
getXIncludePath Source code
getXIncludes Man page Source code
getXMLErrors Man page
getXMLPath Source code
getXPathExpr Source code
htmlErrorHandler Source code
htmlParse Man page
htmlTreeParse Man page
inAllRecords Source code
insertEntities Source code
isURL Source code
isXMLString Man page Source code
length.XMLNode Man page Source code
libxmlFeatures Man page Source code
libxmlTypeTable-class Man page
libxmlVersion Man page Source code
makeClassTemplate Man page
makeXMLClasses Source code
makeXMLError Source code
manageMemory_p Source code
matchNamespaces Man page
mkSubstringByBytes Source code
myHTMLParse Source code
names,libxmlTypeTable-method Man page
names,xmlSchemaRef-method Man page
names.XMLFlatTree Source code
names.XMLInternalNode Source code
names.XMLNode Man page Source code
namespaceDeclarations Source code
newHTMLDoc Man page Source code
newXMLCDataNode Man page Source code
newXMLCommentNode Man page Source code
newXMLDTDNode Man page Source code
newXMLDoc Man page
newXMLNamespace Man page
newXMLNode Man page
newXMLPINode Man page Source code
newXMLTextNode Man page
oldClass Source code
openDevice Source code
parseDTD Man page Source code
parseURI Man page Source code
parseXMLAndAdd Man page Source code
print.XMLAttributeDef Man page Source code
print.XMLCDataNode Man page Source code
print.XMLComment Man page
print.XMLCommentNode Source code
print.XMLElementContent Man page Source code
print.XMLElementDef Man page Source code
print.XMLEntity Man page Source code
print.XMLEntityRef Man page Source code
print.XMLHashTree Source code
print.XMLInternalDocument Source code
print.XMLInternalNode Source code
print.XMLNode Man page
print.XMLOrContent Man page Source code
print.XMLProcessingInstruction Man page Source code
print.XMLRDocument Source code
print.XMLSequenceContent Man page Source code
print.XMLStructuredErrorList Source code
print.XMLTextNode Man page Source code
processXInclude Man page Source code
processXInclude.XMLInternalDocument Man page Source code
processXInclude.XMLInternalElement Man page
processXInclude.XMLInternalElementNode Source code
processXInclude.list Man page Source code
processingInstruction.SAX Man page
processingInstruction.SAX,ANY,ANY,SAXState-method Man page
raiseNsWarning Source code
readHTMLDefinitionList Source code
readHTMLList Man page
readHTMLList,HTMLInternalDocument-method Man page
readHTMLList,XMLInternalNode-method Man page
readHTMLList,character-method Man page
readHTMLTable Man page
readHTMLTable,HTMLInternalDocument-method Man page
readHTMLTable,XMLInternalElementNode-method Man page
readHTMLTable,character-method Man page
readKeyValueDB Man page
readKeyValueDB,AsIs-method Man page
readKeyValueDB,XMLInternalDocument-method Man page
readKeyValueDB,XMLInternalNode-method Man page
readKeyValueDB,character-method Man page
readPlistNodeValue Source code
readSolrDoc Man page
readSolrDoc,AsIs-method Man page
readSolrDoc,XMLInternalDocument-method Man page
readSolrDoc,XMLInternalNode-method Man page
readSolrDoc,character-method Man page
readSolrNodeValue Source code
removeAttributes Man page
removeAttributes,XMLInternalElementNode-method Man page
removeAttributes,XMLNode-method Man page
removeChildren Man page Source code
removeChildren.XMLInternalNode Source code
removeDuplicateNamespaces Source code
removeNodes Man page Source code
removeNodes.XMLInternalNode Man page Source code
removeNodes.XMLNodeList Man page Source code
removeNodes.XMLNodeSet Man page Source code
removeNodes.default Source code
removeNodes.list Man page
removeXMLNamespaces Man page
removeXMLNamespaces,XMLInternalDocument-method Man page
removeXMLNamespaces,XMLInternalElementNode-method Man page
removeXMLNamespaces,XMLInternalNode-method Man page
replaceNodeWithChildren Man page Source code
replaceNodes Man page Source code
replaceNodes.XMLInternalNode Source code
replaceNodes.list Source code
sQuote Source code
save.FileContentsList Source code
saveXML Man page
saveXML,HTMLInternalDocument-method Man page
saveXML,XMLFlatTree-method Man page
saveXML,XMLInternalDOM-method Man page
saveXML,XMLInternalDocument-method Man page
saveXML,XMLInternalNode-method Man page
saveXML,XMLNode-method Man page
saveXML,XMLOutputStream-method Man page
saveXML.XMLInternalDOM Man page Source code
saveXML.XMLInternalDocument Man page Source code
saveXML.XMLInternalNode Man page Source code
saveXML.XMLNode Man page
saveXML.XMLOutputStream Man page Source code
schemaValidationErrorHandler Man page Source code
setEntitySubstitution Source code
setInternalNamespace Source code
setNoEnc Source code
setOldClass Source code
setOption Source code
setS3Method Source code
setXMLErrorHandler Source code
setXMLNamespace Man page
show,XMLAttributes-method Man page
show,XMLSchemaValidationResults-method Man page
source,XMLCodeFile-method Man page
startElement.SAX Man page
startElement.SAX,ANY,ANY,SAXState-method Man page
summary.XMLInternalDocument Source code
supportsExpat Man page Source code
supportsLibxml Man page Source code
tangle Source code
text.SAX Man page
text.SAX,ANY,SAXState-method Man page
tmp Source code Source code Source code
toHTML Man page
toHTML,call-method Man page
toHTML,matrix-method Man page
toHTML,vector-method Man page
toNumber Source code
toString.XMLNode Man page Source code
trim Source code
updateIds Source code
validatePublicIdentifier Source code
xml Man page Source code
xmlAncestors Man page Source code
xmlApply Man page Source code
xmlApply.XMLDocument Man page Source code
xmlApply.XMLDocumentContent Man page Source code
xmlApply.XMLInternalNode Source code
xmlApply.XMLNode Man page Source code
xmlApply.XMLNodeSet Source code
xmlAttributeType Man page Source code
xmlAttrs Man page Source code
xmlAttrs.XMLElementDef Man page Source code
xmlAttrs.XMLInternalNode Man page Source code
xmlAttrs.XMLNode Man page
xmlAttrs<- Man page
xmlAttrs<-,XMLInternalElementNode-method Man page
xmlAttrs<-,XMLInternalNode Man page
xmlAttrs<-,XMLNode Man page
xmlAttrs<-,XMLNode-method Man page
xmlCDataNode Man page Source code
xmlChildren Man page Source code
xmlChildren.XMLInternalDocument Man page Source code
xmlChildren.XMLInternalNode Man page Source code
xmlChildren.XMLNode Man page
xmlChildren.XMLTreeNode Source code
xmlChildren<- Man page
xmlChildren<-,ANY-method Man page
xmlChildren<-,XMLInternalNode-method Man page
xmlCleanNamespaces Man page
xmlClone Man page
xmlClone,XMLInternalDocument-method Man page
xmlClone,XMLInternalNode-method Man page
xmlCodeFile Man page Source code
xmlCommentNode Man page Source code
xmlContainsElement Man page
xmlContainsEntity Man page
xmlDOMApply Man page Source code
xmlDeserializeHook Man page Source code
xmlDoc Man page Source code
xmlElementSummary Man page Source code
xmlElementsByTagName Man page
xmlErrorCumulator Man page Source code
xmlErrorFun Source code
xmlEventHandler Man page Source code
xmlEventParse Man page
xmlFixNamespaces Source code
xmlGetAttr Man page
xmlHandler Man page Source code
xmlHashTree Man page
xmlInitializeCatalog Source code
xmlInternalTreeParse Man page
xmlName Man page
xmlName.XMLComment Man page
xmlName.XMLInternalNode Man page Source code
xmlName.XMLNode Man page
xmlName<- Man page
xmlNamespace Man page Source code
xmlNamespace.XMLInternalNode Man page Source code
xmlNamespace.XMLNode Man page Source code
xmlNamespace.character Man page Source code
xmlNamespace<- Man page
xmlNamespace<-,XMLInternalNode-method Man page
xmlNamespaceDefinitions Man page Source code
xmlNamespaceDefinitions.XMLAbstractDocument Source code
xmlNamespaceDefinitions.XMLInternalDocument Source code
xmlNamespaceDefinitions.XMLInternalNode Source code
xmlNamespaceDefinitions.XMLNode Source code
xmlNamespaceRef Source code
xmlNamespaces Man page
xmlNamespaces<- Man page
xmlNamespaces<-,XMLInternalNode-method Man page
xmlNamespaces<-,XMLNode-method Man page
xmlNativeTreeParse Man page
xmlNode Man page Source code
xmlNodeMatch Source code
xmlOutputBuffer Man page
xmlOutputDOM Man page Source code
xmlPINode Man page Source code
xmlParent Man page
xmlParent,XMLHashTreeNode-method Man page
xmlParent,XMLInternalNode-method Man page
xmlParent,XMLTreeNode-method Man page
xmlParent.XMLInternalNode Man page
xmlParent<- Man page
xmlParse Man page
xmlParseDoc Man page Source code
xmlParseString Man page
xmlParserContextFunction Man page Source code
xmlRoot Man page Source code
xmlRoot.HTMLDocument Man page Source code
xmlRoot.XMLDocument Man page Source code
xmlRoot.XMLDocumentContent Man page Source code
xmlRoot.XMLDocumentRoot Man page
xmlRoot.XMLFlatTree Source code
xmlRoot.XMLHashTree Source code
xmlRoot.XMLInternalDOM Man page Source code
xmlRoot.XMLInternalDocument Man page Source code
xmlRoot.XMLInternalNode Source code
xmlRoot.XMLRDocument Source code
xmlSApply Man page Source code
xmlSApply.XMLDocument Man page Source code
xmlSApply.XMLDocumentContent Man page Source code
xmlSApply.XMLInternalNode Source code
xmlSApply.XMLNode Man page Source code
xmlSApply.XMLNodeSet Source code
xmlSchemaAttributeGroupRef-class Man page
xmlSchemaAttributeRef-class Man page
xmlSchemaElementRef-class Man page
xmlSchemaNotationRef-class Man page
xmlSchemaParse Man page Source code
xmlSchemaRef-class Man page
xmlSchemaTypeRef-class Man page
xmlSchemaValidate Man page
xmlSearchNs Man page Source code
xmlSerializeHook Man page Source code
xmlSize Man page
xmlSize.XMLDocument Man page Source code
xmlSize.XMLHashTree Source code
xmlSize.XMLHashTreeNode Source code
xmlSize.XMLInternalNode Source code
xmlSize.XMLNode Man page
xmlSize.default Man page
xmlSource Man page
xmlSource,XMLInternalDocument-method Man page
xmlSource,XMLNodeSet-method Man page
xmlSource,character-method Man page
xmlSourceFunctions Man page
xmlSourceFunctions,XMLInternalDocument-method Man page
xmlSourceFunctions,character-method Man page
xmlSourceSection Man page
xmlSourceSection,XMLInternalDocument-method Man page
xmlSourceSection,character-method Man page
xmlSourceThread Man page
xmlSourceThread,XMLInternalDocument-method Man page
xmlSourceThread,character-method Man page
xmlSourceThread,list-method Man page
xmlStopParser Man page Source code
xmlStructuredStop Man page Source code
xmlTangle Source code
xmlTextNode Man page Source code
xmlToDataFrame Man page
xmlToDataFrame,ANY,ANY,ANY,ANY,XMLInternalNodeList-method Man page
xmlToDataFrame,ANY,ANY,ANY,ANY,XMLNodeSet-method Man page
xmlToDataFrame,ANY,ANY,ANY,ANY,list-method Man page
xmlToDataFrame,XMLInternalDocument,ANY,ANY,ANY,missing-method Man page
xmlToDataFrame,XMLInternalElementNode,ANY,ANY,ANY,ANY-method Man page
xmlToDataFrame,XMLInternalNodeList,ANY,ANY,ANY,ANY-method Man page
xmlToDataFrame,XMLNodeSet,ANY,ANY,ANY,ANY-method Man page
xmlToDataFrame,character,ANY,ANY,ANY,ANY-method Man page
xmlToDataFrame,list,ANY,ANY,ANY,ANY-method Man page
xmlToList Man page Source code
xmlToS4 Man page
xmlToS4,XMLInternalNode-method Man page
xmlToS4List Source code
xmlTree Man page
xmlTreeParse Man page
xmlValidity Source code
xmlValue Man page Source code
xmlValue.XMLCDataNode Man page Source code
xmlValue.XMLComment Man page
xmlValue.XMLCommentNode Source code
xmlValue.XMLInternalNode Source code
xmlValue.XMLNode Man page Source code
xmlValue.XMLProcessingInstruction Man page Source code
xmlValue.XMLTextNode Man page Source code
xmlValue<- Man page
xmlValue<-,XMLAbstractNode-method Man page
xmlValue<-,XMLInternalTextNode-method Man page
xmlValue<-,XMLTextNode-method Man page
xmlXIncludes Man page
xpathApply Man page
xpathApply.XMLInternalDocument Source code
xpathApply.XMLInternalNode Source code
xpathApply.XMLNode Source code Source code
xpathSApply Man page Source code
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