XRJulia: Structured Interface to Julia

A Julia interface structured according to the general form described in package XR and in the book "Extending R".

Install the latest version of this package by entering the following in R:
AuthorJohn M. Chambers
Date of publication2016-09-02 12:11:43
MaintainerJohn Chambers <jmc@r-project.org>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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asServerObject,ANY,JuliaObject-method Man page
asServerObject,array,JuliaObject-method Man page
asServerObject,list,JuliaObject-method Man page
asServerObjectMethods Man page
findJulia Man page
from_Julia-class Man page
functions Man page
initialize,JuliaFunction-method Man page
juliaAddToPath Man page
juliaCall Man page
juliaClassDef Man page
juliaCommand Man page
juliaEval Man page
JuliaFunction Man page
JuliaFunction-class Man page
juliaGet Man page
juliaImport Man page
JuliaInterface Man page
JuliaInterface-class Man page
juliaName Man page
JuliaObject Man page
JuliaObject-class Man page
juliaPrint Man page
juliaSend Man page
juliaSerialize Man page
juliaSource Man page
juliaUnserialize Man page
juliaUsing Man page
noScalar Man page
proxyJuliaObjects Man page
RJulia Man page
setJuliaClass Man page
XRjulia Man page
XRjulia-package Man page

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