juliaOptions: Get and/or Set Internal Option Parameters in the Julia...

Description Usage Arguments Details Value


The Julia code for an evaluator maintains a dictionary, RJuliaParams, of named parameters used to control various evaluation details. These and any other desired options can be queried and/or set by calls to juliaOptions.


juliaOptions(..., .ev = XRJulia::RJulia())



arguments to the corresponding method for an evaluator object.


The evaluator object to use. By default, and usually, the current evaluator.


The function behaves essentially like the options() function in R itself, returning a list of the current entries corresponding to unnamed character arguments and setting the parameters named to the value in the corresponding named argument to juliaOptions. If no parameter corresponding to a name has been set, requesting the corresponding returned value is nothing, NULL in R.


A named list of those parameters requested (as unnamed character string arguments). If none, an empty list. Note that options are always returned converted to R, not as proxyies.

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