Man pages for XRJulia
Structured Interface to Julia

asServerObject-ANY-JuliaObject-methodJulia methods for asServerObject()
findJuliaFind a Julia Executable
from_Julia-classClass for General Julia Composite Type Objects
functionsFunction Versions of Methods for Julia Interface evaluators.
juliaClassDefInformation about a Julia Class
JuliaFunction-classProxy Objects in R for Julia Functions
JuliaInterface-classAn Interface to Julia
JuliaObject-classProxy Objects in R for Julia Objects
juliaOptionsGet and/or Set Internal Option Parameters in the Julia...
juliaVersionGet or test the Julia Version information
largeVectorsInternal Computations for Large Vectors
noScalarSend a Non-scalar Version of an Object
proxyJuliaObjectsProxy Objects in R for Julia Objects
RJuliaAn Evaluator for the Julia Interface.
setJuliaClassDefine a Proxy Julia Class (Composite Type)
XRjulia-packageStructured Interface to Julia
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