Sunflower_Phomopsis: Phomopsis stem canker observations for Sunflower

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This dataset contains fraction intercepted photosynthetically active radiation (IPAR) and corresponding percent of girdling lesions at harvest (pclesions) for 43 fields. Phomopsis stem canker is a worldwide fungal disease of sunflower, which causes stem girdling lesions and a consequent reduction in yield. One wants to decide if the number of girdling lesions at harvest in the absence of early treatment will exceed 15 This data frame consist of a sample of fields with values for IPAR (ipar) and for the percent of girdling lesions at harvest (pclesions).




a RangedData instance, 1 row per observation.


Debaeke, P., & Estragnat, A. (2009). Crop canopy indicators for the early prediction of Phomopsis stem canker (Diaporthe helianthi) in sunflower. Crop Protection, 28(9), 792-801. doi:10.1016/j.cropro.2009.04.011

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