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This contemporary daily climate dataset for South Asia covers the period 1st January 1997 to 31 December 2008 with 12 complete years of data with precipitation. It cover a part of South Asia (North-East of India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Neapal) with an elevation less than 2500m. The dataset was extracted from the NASA Langley Research Center POWER Project which provide agroclimatology dataset (Chandler et al., 2004). It was funded through the NASA Earth Science Directorate Applied Science Program This climate dataset contains daily estimates of precipitation, mean, minimum and maximum temperature, relative humidity, dew point, solar radiation and wind speed with global coverage at one degree resolution (approximately 111 km at the equator). The NASA POWER agroclimatology data are derived from various sources: solar radiation from satellite observations, meteorological data from the Goddard Earth Observing System global assimilation model version 4 (GEOS-4), and precipitation from the Global Precipitation Climate Project and Topical Rainfall Measurement Mission. A full description can be found at Elevation (Altitude) were retrive from Aster Global Digital Elevation Model by using the Webservice Sample are: ca 30m x 30m, between 83N and 65S latitude. Result : a single number giving the elevation in meters according to aster gdem, ocean areas have been masked as "no data" and have been assigned a value of -9999 Example




a RangedData instance, 1 row per day.

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