Man pages for abc
Tools for Approximate Bayesian Computation (ABC)

abcParameter estimation with Approximate Bayesian Computation...
cv4abcCross validation for Approximate Bayesian Computation (ABC)
cv4postprLeave-one-our cross validation for model selection ABC
expected.devianceExpected deviance
gfitGoodness of fit
gfitpcaGoodness of fit with principal component analysis
hist.abcPosterior histograms
plot.abcDiagnostic plots for ABC
plot.cv4abcCross-validation plots for ABC
plot.cv4postprBarplot of model misclassification
plot.gfitGoodness-of-fit plot for ABC
postprEstimating posterior model probabilities
summary.abcSummaries of posterior samples generated by ABC algortithms
summary.cv4abcCalculates the cross-validation prediction error
summary.cv4postprConfusion matrix and misclassification probabilities of...
summary.gfitCalculates the p-value of the goodness-of-fit test.
summary.postprPosterior model probabilities and Bayes factors
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