HumanGeneLengths: Human Gene Lengths

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Lengths in number of nucleotides (gene.length) for 20,290 human genes


A data frame with 20,290 observations on the following variable.


a numeric vector


Hubbard, T., D. Andrews, M. Caccamo, G. Cameron, Y. Chen, M. Clamp, L. Clarke, G. Coates, T. Cox, F. Cunningham, V. Curwen, T. Cutts, T. Down, R. Durbin, X. M. Fernandez-Suarez, J. Gilbert, M. Hammond, J. Herrero, H. Hotz, K. Howe, V. Iyer, K. Jekosch, A. Kahari, A. Kasprzyk, D. Keefe, S. Keenan, F. Kokocinsci, D. London, I. Longden, G. McVicker, C. Melsopp, P. Meidl, S. Potter, G. Proctor, M. Rae, D. Rios, M. Schuster, S. Searle, J. Severin, G. Slater, D. Smedley, J. Smith, W. Spooner, A. Stabenau, J. Stalker, R. Storey, S. Trevanion, A. Ureta-Vidal, J. Vogel, S. White, C. Woodwark, and E. Birne. 2005. Ensembl 2005. Nucleic Acids Research 33: D447-D453.



histogram(~ gene.length, HumanGeneLengths,
          subset = gene.length < 15000)

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'data.frame':	20290 obs. of  1 variable:
 $ gene.length: int  2069 1303 1067 2849 3378 2391 3926 2365 3717 2974 ...

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