acs: Download, Manipulate, and Present American Community Survey and Decennial Data from the US Census

Provides a general toolkit for downloading, managing, analyzing, and presenting data from the U.S. Census, including SF1 (Decennial short-form), SF3 (Decennial long-form), and the American Community Survey (ACS). Confidence intervals provided with ACS data are converted to standard errors to be bundled with estimates in complex acs objects. Package provides new methods to conduct standard operations on acs objects and present/plot data in statistically appropriate ways. Current version is 2.0 +/- .033.

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AuthorEzra Haber Glenn [aut, cre]
Date of publication2016-03-18 00:17:55
MaintainerEzra Haber Glenn <>

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Man pages

acs-class: Class '"acs"'

acs.fetch: Downloads demographic data (ACS, SF1, SF3) via the Census API...

acs.lookup: Search for relevant demographic variables and tables from the...

acs.lookup-class: Class '"acs.lookup"'

acs-package: Download, Manipulate, and Present American Community Survey...

acs.tables.install: Downloads and stores XML tables used to lookup variable...

api.key.install: Installs an API key from the US Census to use with calls to...

api.key.migrate: After updating the acs package, installs an archived API key...

confint.acs: Return upper and lower bounds of given confidence intervals...

cpi: Consumer Price Index data (1913-2015).

currency.convert: Convert dollar values of acs object to a new base year.

currency.year: Return (or change) currency.year value from the metadata of...

divide.acs: Divide one acs object or variable by another.

endyear: Return or replace endyear value from the metadata of an acs...

fips.state: FIPS codes and geographic names for use in searching and...

flatten.geo.set: Convenience function to "flatten" a nested geo.set object.

geography: Return or replace geography metadata of an acs object.

geo.lookup: Search Census geographies

geo.make: Create a new geo.set object for use with the acs package.

geo.set-class: Class '"geo.set"'

kansas07: County-level data from the 2007 American Community Survey for...

kansas09: County-level data from the 2005-2009 American Community...

lawrence10: Tract-level data from the 2006-2010 American Community Survey...

plot-methods: acs Methods for Function 'plot'

prompt.acs: Prompt for new values for metadata in an acs object.

rbind.acs: Combine acs Objects by Rows or Columns

read.acs: Reads a comma-delimited file from the American Community...

sum-methods: acs Methods for Function 'sum'


acs Man page
-,acs,acs-method Man page
/,acs,acs-method Man page
*,acs,acs-method Man page
+,acs,acs-method Man page
acs-class Man page
acs.colnames Man page
acs.colnames<- Man page
acs.colnames<-,acs-method Man page
acs.colnames,acs-method Man page
acs.fetch Man page
acs.lookup Man page
+,acs.lookup,acs.lookup-method Man page
acs.lookup-class Man page
[,acs.lookup-method Man page
[<-,acs-method Man page
[,acs-method Man page
-,acs,numeric-method Man page
/,acs,numeric-method Man page
*,acs,numeric-method Man page
+,acs,numeric-method Man page
acs-package Man page
acs.tables.install Man page
acs.units Man page
acs.units<- Man page
acs.units<-,acs-method Man page
acs.units,acs-method Man page
api.for Man page
api.for,geo-method Man page Man page,geo-method Man page
api.key.install Man page
api.key.migrate Man page
api.url.maker Man page
apply Man page
apply,acs-method Man page
c,acs.lookup-method Man page
cbind Man page
cbind.acs Man page
c,geo.set-method Man page
combine Man page
combine<- Man page
combine<-,geo.set-method Man page
combine,geo.set-method Man page
combine.term Man page
combine.term<- Man page
combine.term<-,geo.set-method Man page
combine.term,geo.set-method Man page
confint Man page
confint.acs Man page
cpi Man page
currency.convert Man page
currency.convert,acs-method Man page
currency.year Man page
currency.year<- Man page
currency.year<-,acs-method Man page
currency.year,acs-method Man page
dim.acs Man page
divide.acs Man page
endyear Man page
endyear<- Man page
endyear,acs.lookup-method Man page
endyear<-,acs-method Man page
endyear,acs-method Man page
estimate Man page
estimate,acs-method Man page
fips.american.indian.area Man page
fips.county Man page
fips.county.subdivision Man page Man page Man page
fips.state Man page
flatten.geo.set Man page
geo-class Man page
+,geo,geo-method Man page
+,geo,geo.set-method Man page
geography Man page
geography<- Man page
geography<-,acs-method Man page
geography,acs-method Man page
geo.list Man page
geo.list,geo.set-method Man page
geo.lookup Man page
geo.make Man page
geo.set-class Man page
+,geo.set,geo-method Man page
+,geo.set,geo.set-method Man page
[<-,geo.set-method Man page
[,geo.set-method Man page
[[<-,geo.set-method Man page
[[,geo.set-method Man page
is.acs Man page
is.acs.lookup Man page
is.geo Man page
is.geo.set Man page
kansas07 Man page
kansas09 Man page
lawrence10 Man page
length.acs Man page
length,geo.set-method Man page
modified Man page
modified,acs-method Man page
name Man page
name,geo-method Man page
-,numeric,acs-method Man page
/,numeric,acs-method Man page
*,numeric,acs-method Man page
+,numeric,acs-method Man page
plot Man page
plot,acs,acs-method Man page
plot,acs-method Man page
plot-methods Man page
prompt Man page
prompt.acs Man page
rbind Man page
rbind.acs Man page
read.acs Man page
results Man page
results,acs.lookup-method Man page
show,acs.lookup-method Man page
show,acs-method Man page
show,geo-method Man page
span Man page
span<- Man page
span,acs.lookup-method Man page
span<-,acs-method Man page
span,acs-method Man page
standard.error Man page
standard.error,acs-method Man page
sum Man page
sum,acs,acs-method Man page
sum,acs-method Man page
sumlev Man page
sumlev,geo-method Man page
summary,acs-method Man page
sum-methods Man page

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