Man pages for admixr
An Interface for Running 'ADMIXTOOLS' Analyses

count_snpsCount the number/proportion of present/missing sites in each...
download_dataDownload example SNP data.
eigenstratEIGENSTRAT data constructor
f4ratioCalculate the D, f4, f4-ratio, or f3 statistic.
filter_bedFilter EIGENSTRAT data based on a given BED file
keep_transitionsRemove transversions (C->T and G->A substitutions)
loginfoPrint the full log output of an admixr wrapper to the...
merge_eigenstratMerge two sets of EIGENSTRAT datasets
pipePipe operator
print.admixr_resultPrint out the admixr result object (dataframe or a list)...
qpAdmCalculate ancestry proportions in a set of target...
qpAdm_filterFilter qpAdm rotation results for only 'sensible' models
qpAdm_rotationFit qpAdm models based on the rotation strategy described in...
qpWaveFind the most likely number of ancestry waves using the...
read_indRead an EIGENSTRAT ind/snp/geno file.
read_outputRead an output file from one of the ADMIXTOOLS programs.
relabelChange labels of populations or samples
resetReset modifications to an EIGENSTRAT object
transversions_onlyRemove transversions (C->T and G->A substitutions)
write_indWrite an EIGENSTRAT ind/snp/geno file.
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