Man pages for adobeanalyticsr
R Client for 'Adobe Analytics' API 2.0

aw_anomaly_reportAnomaly Report
aw_authGenerate an Access Token for the Adobe Analytics v2.0 API
aw_auth_withSet authorization options
aw_freeform_tableGet a freeform table
aw_get_calculatedmetricsGet a list of calculated metrics.
aw_get_dimensionsGet list of dimensions
aw_get_metricsGet list of metrics
aw_get_reportsuitesGet list of report suites
aw_get_segmentsGet list of segments
aw_segment_tableGet a segment-row freeform table
aw_tokenOAuth2 Token for Adobe Analytics (deprecated)
aw_workspace_reportUse a prebuilt json query to pull a ranked report
get_meGet Company Ids
get_usage_logsGet a list of user usage
get_usersGet list of users
retrieve_aw_tokenRetrieve a token
seg_buildBuild the Segment in Adobe Analytics
seg_conCreate the segment container
seg_ruleCreate the segment rule
seg_seqCreate the segment sequence container
seg_thenCreate the segment sequence then object
seg_valValidate a segment in adobe analytics
seg_verbsVerbs available in segment rules.
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