seg_then: Create the segment sequence then object

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seg_thenR Documentation

Create the segment sequence then object


This function creates a then list object which restricts the time constraint of a segment to be added to a sequence segment.


seg_then(limit = "within", count = 1, unit = "year")



The limitation of the restriction. Either within (default) or after


How many of the units should be used. 1 is set as default.


A unit of time. Valid values are hit, visit, minute, hour, day, week (default), month, quarter, or year. Always use the singular form.


Combining seg_then arguments

In the UI you can add 'after' and 'within' statements to create a more complex time restriction. The same can be accomplished using this function by listing the limits, counts, and units in a c() function. This would look like: limit = c('within', 'after'), count = c(5, 1), unit = c('hit', 'visit')

Using within and after in the same time seg_then function call

Time restrictions can only be combined using 'within' first before 'after'. The function will automatically align these to be in the correct list item order.

A word about unit values

Currently pageviews and dimensions are not supported unit values.


a structured list of time restrictions to be used to build the sequential segment

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