Man pages for agop
Aggregation Operators and Preordered Sets

agop-packageAggregation Operators and Preordered Sets Package for R
check_comonotonicityCheck If Two Vectors Are Comonotonic
d2owaD2OWA Operators
DiscretizedPareto2Discretized Pareto Type-II (Lomax) Distribution [TO DO]
dpareto2_estimate_mleParameter Estimation in the Discretized Pareto-Type II...
exp_test_adAnderson-Darling Test for Exponentiality
fuzzylogic_implicationFuzzy Implications
fuzzylogic_negationFuzzy Negations
index_gEgghe's g-index
index_hHirsch's h-index
index_lpThe l_p-index
index_maxprodKosmulski's MAXPROD-index
index_rpThe r_p-index
index_wWoeginger's w-index
owaWAM and OWA Operators
owmaxWMax, WMin, OWMax, and OWMin Operators
Pareto2Pareto Type-II (Lomax) Distribution
pareto2_estimate_mleParameter Estimation in the Pareto Type-II Distribution...
pareto2_estimate_mmseParameter Estimation in the Pareto Type-II Distribution...
pareto2_test_adAnderson-Darling Test for the Pareto Type-II Distribution
pareto2_test_fTwo-Sample F-test For Equality of Shape Parameters for Type...
plot_producerDraws a Graphical Representation of a Given Vector
pord_ndWeak Dominance Relation (Preorder)
pord_spreadCompare Spread of Vectors (Preorder)
pord_weakdomWeak Dominance Relation (Preorder) in the Producer Assessment...
rel_antisymmetricAntisymmetric Binary Relations
rel_asymmetricAsymetric Binary Relations
rel_cyclicCyclic Binary Relations
rel_graphCreate an Adjacency Matrix Representing a Binary Relation
rel_hasseHasse Diagrams
rel_irreflexiveIrreflexive Binary Relations
rel_reflexiveReflexive Binary Relations
rel_symmetricSymmetric Binary Relations
rel_totalTotal Binary Relations
rel_transitiveTransitive Binary Relations
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