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Given a sequence of n non-negative numbers x=(x_1,…,x_n), where x_i ≥ x_j ≥ 0 for i ≤ j, the MAXPROD-index (Kosmulski, 2007) for x is defined as

MAXPROD(x)=max{i x_i: i=1,…,n}





a non-negative numeric vector


If non-increasingly sorted vector is given, the function is O(n).

MAXPROD index is the same as the discrete Shilkret integral of x w.r.t. the counting measure.

See index_lp for a natural generalization.


a single numeric value


Kosmulski M., MAXPROD - A new index for assessment of the scientific output of an individual, and a comparison with the h-index, Cybermetrics 11(1), 2007.

See Also

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