htwt: Artificial height and weight data

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The data for this table are a sample size of ten 18-year old girls taken from the study that was conducted by Tuddenham and Snyder (1954).


This data frame contains the following columns:


Height (cm) at age 18


Weight (kg) at age 18


Tuddenham, R., and Snyder, M. (1954). Physical growth of California boys and girls from birth to age 18. California Publications on Child Development, 1, 183-364.


Weisberg, S. (2014). Applied Linear Regression, 4th edition. Hoboken NJ: Wiley.



Example output

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    Guyer, UN, Vocab

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     ht   wt
1 169.6 71.2
2 166.8 58.2
3 157.1 56.0
4 181.1 64.5
5 158.4 53.0
6 165.6 52.4

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