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Data collected in an experiment in which rats were injected with a dose of a drug approximately proportional to body weight. At the end of the experiment, the animal's liver was weighed, and the fraction of the drug recoved in the liver was recorded. The experimenter expected the response to be independent of the predictors.


This data frame contains the following columns:


BodyWt of the rat


LiverWt measured after sacrifice


Dose, roughly proportional to body weight


dose of drug recovered after sacrifice of the animal


Dennis Cook


Weisberg, S. (2014). Applied Linear Regression, 4th edition. Hoboken NJ: Wiley.



Example output

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  BodyWt LiverWt Dose    y
1    176     6.5 0.88 0.42
2    176     9.5 0.88 0.25
3    190     9.0 1.00 0.56
4    176     8.9 0.88 0.23
5    200     7.2 1.00 0.23
6    167     8.9 0.83 0.32

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