Man pages for anfis
Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference System in R

anfis3Anfis' trained example to use for demonstration
ANFIS-classANFIS S4 class implementation in R
ANFIS-gettersGetters for ANFIS object
ANFIS-initialize'initialize' ANFIS object constructor
ANFIS-metricsANFIS training results
Anfis-packageAdaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference System in R
ANFIS-plotPlot ANFIS training errors
ANFIS-plotMFPlotMF/s ANFIS' MembershipFunction domain/s
ANFIS-predict'Predict' ANFIS' network output
ANFIS-printshow'Print' and 'Show' an ANFIS object
ANFIS-trainingTrain ANFIS network
ANFIS-trainSetBidimentional Sinc train set example
BellMF-classBell Membership Function S4 class
derivateMF'derivateMF' derivate membership function
evaluateMF'evaluateMF' evaluate membership
extract-methodsModify membership function parameters
GaussianMF-classGaussianMF Membership Function S4 class
MembershipFunction-classMembershipFunction S4 class
NormalizedGaussianMF-classNormalizedGaussianMF Membership Function S4 class
print-MembershipFunction-method'Print' a MembershipFunction object
show-MembershipFunction-method'Show' a MembershipFunction object
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