anoint: Analysis of Interactions

The tools in this package are intended to help researchers assess multiple treatment-covariate interactions with data from a parallel-group randomized controlled clinical trial.

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AuthorRavi Varadhan <> and Stephanie Kovalchik
Date of publication2015-07-19 19:44:25
MaintainerStephanie Kovalchik <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

anoint.subgroups: Perform one-by-one subgroup analyses

coef: Get coefs from 'pim' object.

confint: Compute confindence intervals of 'pim' model terms.

data.mim: Generate a clinical trial data set under a specified multiple...

fits: Extract fits from '' object

forestplot: Construct a forestplot from a 'anoint' object

forest.subsets: Subsets forest plot for proportional interactions models

formula.mim-class: Class "formula.anoint"

mim: Create analysis of interactions object Fits and global tests of analysis of interaction models

mim.formula: Create a 'formula.anoint' object

mim-package: Analysis of interactions for generalized linear models (GLM)...

onebyone: Perform one-by-one (OBO) estimates of treatment-covariate...

pim: Fit proportional interaction model

pim-class: Class "pim" Fit proportional interactions model

pim.subsets: Perform all subsets proportional interactions modeling

plot: Prognostic response plot (PR-plot) for 'anoint' class.

predict: Get risk predictions for 'pim' object.

print: Print coefficients of 'pim'

prognostic.score: Prognostic scores for 'pim' object.

show: Show coefficients of 'pim'

show.formula: Show 'formula.anoint' object

show.mim: Show 'anoint' object

show.mimfit: Show table of LRT global test results for '' object

simsolvd: Simulated SOLVD-Trial data set

summary: Summary of 'anoint' model fit.

uim: Perform unrestricted multiple treatment-covariate interaction...

vcov: Get variance-covariance from 'pim' object.


anoint Man page
anoint-class Man page Man page Man page
anoint.formula Man page
anoint-package Man page
anoint.subgroups Man page
coef Man page
coef,pim-method Man page
confint Man page
confint,pim-method Man page
data.anoint Man page
fits Man page
fits, Man page
forest Man page
forest.subsets Man page
formula.anoint-class Man page
obo Man page
pim Man page
pim-class Man page Man page
pim.subsets Man page
plot Man page
plot,anoint-method Man page
predict Man page
predict,pim-method Man page
print Man page
print,pim-method Man page
prognostic.score Man page
prognostic.score,pim-method Man page
show Man page
show, Man page
show,anoint-method Man page
show,formula.anoint-method Man page
show,pim-method Man page
simsolvd Man page
summary Man page
summary,anoint-method Man page
uim Man page
vcov Man page
vcov,pim-method Man page

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