Man pages for anoint
Analysis of Interactions

anoint.subgroupsPerform one-by-one subgroup analyses
coefGet coefs from 'pim' object.
confintCompute confindence intervals of 'pim' model terms.
data.mimGenerate a clinical trial data set under a specified multiple...
fitsExtract fits from '' object
forestplotConstruct a forestplot from a 'anoint' object
forest.subsetsSubsets forest plot for proportional interactions models
formula.mim-classClass "formula.anoint"
mimCreate analysis of interactions object
mim.fitFits and global tests of analysis of interaction models
mim.formulaCreate a 'formula.anoint' object
mim-packageAnalysis of interactions for generalized linear models (GLM)...
onebyonePerform one-by-one (OBO) estimates of treatment-covariate...
pimFit proportional interaction model
pim-classClass "pim"
pim.fitFit proportional interactions model
pim.subsetsPerform all subsets proportional interactions modeling
plotPrognostic response plot (PR-plot) for 'anoint' class.
predictGet risk predictions for 'pim' object.
printPrint coefficients of 'pim'
prognostic.scorePrognostic scores for 'pim' object.
showShow coefficients of 'pim'
show.formulaShow 'formula.anoint' object
show.mimShow 'anoint' object
show.mimfitShow table of LRT global test results for '' object
simsolvdSimulated SOLVD-Trial data set
summarySummary of 'anoint' model fit.
uimPerform unrestricted multiple treatment-covariate interaction...
vcovGet variance-covariance from 'pim' object.
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