Man pages for aop
Adverse Outcome Pathway Analysis

aop_backdoorBackdoor Causal Network Analysis for AOPs
aop_cytoscape-classaop_cytoscape class
aop_cytoscape-methodsGet Node Name from ID
bmr-classbmr class
bootstrap_metaregressionPerform Bootstrap Metaregression
calculate_confidence_and_medianCalculate the confidence envelope and the median for the...
convert_aop_to_graphConvert AOP to Graph
convert_cytoscape_to_aopConvert Cytoscape Graph to an AOP
internal_model_fitsAn internal function for calculating interpolation values.
oxybenzoneHigh Throughput Screening Data (Tox21) for Assessing the...
plot_metaregression_confidence_envelopePlot the metaregression confidence envelope and median...
plot_metaregression_spaghetti_plotMake a spaghetti plot for the metaregression results
plot_slope_analysisPlot the median slope
pod_envelope_analysisThis function calculates the chemical's point of departure.
pod_slope_analysisThis is intended as an internal function to facilitate the...
slope_pod_analysisSlope-based POD analysis
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