determineStartRect: Calculate starting values for an ARF model

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determineStartRect calculates starting values for an ARF model by searching for maxima and minima in the data, and estimating the width of these maxima/minima.


determineStartRect(arfmodel, options = loadOptions(arfmodel))
determineStartRectSimple(arfmodel, options = loadOptions(arfmodel))



An ARF model object (class model)


An "options" object (class options), by default the options.Rda from the current model is loaded. The value of options@start.maxfac determines the calculation of the spatial extent values, higher settings will lead to greater extent values.


determineStartRect determines the maxima and minima of the data and at each maximum/minimum searches in each dimension (x,y,z) the point where the maximum/minimum value is half its original value. This creates a box around the maximum/minimum, which is set to zero, to avoid searching the same area twice. The widths of this box are taken as starting values for the width-parameters.


Returns the ARF "model" object, with the starting values in the @startval slot.


Wouter D. Weeda -

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model, options

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