loadExp: Load an arf3DS4 experiment

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loadExp loads an arf3DS4 experiment.


loadExp(path = getwd(), method = c("fast", "set", "rda"))



Path to the experiment directory.


Which method is used for loading.


If method='fast' (default) experiment.Rda is loaded without checks directly. If method='set' the experiment is entirely build up by searching the directories of the experiment for subjects/conditions and models. Use this method if the experiment has changed (added subjects, moved to another directory etc.). If method='rda' the experiment is checked using the data in the experiment.Rda (except for the root-path). Use this method if the experiment has been moved (but the subjects/conditions have not changed). loadExp creates an object named .experiment in the .arfInternal environment, this is to facilitate calls to functions which have an 'experiment' object as input. All ARF functions get the .experiment object from .arfInternal.


Returns an object of class experiment invisibly.


Wouter D. Weeda - w.d.weeda@gmail.com

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