Man pages for arf3DS4
Activated Region Fitting, fMRI data analysis (3D).

arf3DS4-packageActivated Region Fitting fMRI data analysis
arfcorrelation-classClass "arfcorrelation"
arf-example-dataActivated Region Fitting Example Dataset
arfversionCheck the version of ARF objects.
BICBayesian Information Criterion
checkSolutionCheck the integrity of an ARF model
clearWarningsClear warnings of a model object.
createAllAveragesCreate Averages of runs for all conditions.
createAveragesCreate averages of runs for a condition.
createRegsCreate registration directories for runs of an ARF condition.
data-classarf3DS4 "data" class
determineStartRectCalculate starting values for an ARF model
differenceCorCalculate if correlations differ.
euclidDistCalculate Euclidian distances of all regions in a model.
experiment-classarf3DS4 "experiment" class
extr-repl-fmridataExtract/replace elements of an object
fitConnectivityEstimate connectivity of an ARF model
fitModelFit an ARF model.
fitRangeFit a range of models.
fmri2arrayConvert fMRI data to an array "" class
functional-classarf3DS4 "functional" class
getAtlasLabelsFind anatomical atlas labels.
getExpAccess experiment variables.
getModelAtlasGet Atlas Labels for an ARF model.
loadDataLoad an arf3DS4 "data" object.
loadExpLoad an arf3DS4 experiment
loadFuncLoad functional data for a single run of a condition.
loadModelLoad an ARF model
loadOptionsSave/load ARF Options
loadRdaLoad an .Rda file into a specified object.
loadRegLoad a registration object.
loadStartSave/load ARF starting values
makeDerivsCalculate analytical first-order derivatives of parameters in...
makeExpDirsMake Experiment directories.
makeLowResStructMake low resolution structural image from high resolution T1...
makeROImaskMask an fMRI image
makeSingleTrialEventsEstimate single-trial fMRI activity.
mcpCorrectCalculate Multiple Comparison Corrections
minBICCalculate BIC values for multiple ARF models.
mnames-classarf3DS4 "mnames" class
model-classarf3DS4 "model" class
newModelCreate a new ARF model
nifti.fileinfo-classarf3DS4 "nifti.fileinfo" class
nifti.header-classarf3DS4 "nifti.header" class
options-classarf3DS4 "options" class
processModelProcess an ARF model.
processSeedProcess a model using a seed number of regions
pruneModelPrune a model based on invalid gradients and bounded...
readDataread in a NIFTI/ANALYZE file.
readDerivsRead (binary) derivative file
registration-classarf3DS4 "registration" class
RMSEACalculate Root Mean Square Error.
roiConnectivitycalculate Connectivity with spatial averaging
saveFuncSave functional object.
saveModelSave a model object
saveModelBinSave ARF model estimates to a NIFTI file.
saveRegSave a registration object
sequence-classarf3DS4 "sequence" class
setFuncTimingsSet the timings of the stimuli and link to raw time-series.
setIsoContourCreate isocontours
setRegFilesSet registration files.
setRegParamsSet the registration parameters.
settings-classarf3DS4 "settings" class
showModelsList all models for a subject/condition.
varcovCalculate (co)variance matrix of an ARF model.
version-classarf3DS4 "version" class
waldCalculate Wald statistics for an arf model.
wald-classarf3DS4 "wald" class
writeDataWrite NIFTI/ANALYZE files.
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