TotalCnBinnedSmoothing: The TotalCnBinnedSmoothing class

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Class TotalCnBinnedSmoothing


Directly known subclasses:

public static class TotalCnBinnedSmoothing
extends TotalCnSmoothing





Arguments passed to TotalCnSmoothing.


If TRUE, a robust smoother is used, otherwise not.


Note that dsS <- TotalCnBinnedSmoothing(ds, targetUgp=ugp) where ugp <- getAromaUgpFile(ds) returns a data set with an identical set of loci as the input data set and identical signals as the input ones, except for loci with duplicated positions. If all loci have unique positions, the the output is identical to the input.

Fields and Methods

No methods defined.

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Henrik Bengtsson

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