arules: Mining Association Rules and Frequent Itemsets

Provides the infrastructure for representing, manipulating and analyzing transaction data and patterns (frequent itemsets and association rules). Also provides interfaces to C implementations of the association mining algorithms Apriori and Eclat by C. Borgelt.

AuthorMichael Hahsler [aut, cre, cph], Christian Buchta [aut, cph], Bettina Gruen [aut, cph], Kurt Hornik [aut, cph], Ian Johnson [ctb, cph], Christian Borgelt [ctb, cph]
Date of publication2017-03-13 00:19:08
MaintainerMichael Hahsler <>

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Man pages

abbreviate: Abbreviate function for item labels in transactions,...

addComplement: Add Complement-items to Transactions

Adult: Adult Data Set

affinity: Computing Affinity Between Items

aggregate: Support for Item Hierarchies

APappearance-class: Class APappearance - Specifying the appearance Argument of...

apriori: Mining Associations with Apriori

AScontrol-class: Classes AScontrol, APcontrol, ECcontrol - Specifying the...

ASparameter-class: Classes ASparameter, APparameter, ECparameter - Specifying...

associations-class: Class associations - A Set of Associations

combine: Combining Objects

coverage: Calculate coverage for rules

crossTable: Cross-tabulate joint occurrences across pairs of items

DATAFRAME: Data.frame Representation for arules Objects

discretize: Convert a Continuous Variable into a Categorical Variable

dissimilarity: Dissimilarity Computation

duplicated: Find Duplicated Elements

eclat: Mining Associations with Eclat

Epub: Epub Data Set

Groceries: Groceries Data Set

hits: Computing Transaction Weights With HITS

image: Visual Inspection of Binary Incidence Matrices

Income: Income Data Set

inspect: Display Associations and Transactions in Readable Form

interestMeasure: Calculate Additional Interest Measures

is.closed: Find Closed Itemsets

is.maximal: Find Maximal Itemsets

is.redundant: Find Redundant Rules

is.significant: Find Significant Rules

is.superset: Find Super and Subsets

itemCoding: Item Coding - Handling Item Labels and Column IDs

itemFrequency: Getting Frequency/Support for Single Items

itemFrequencyPlot: Creating a Item Frequencies/Support Bar Plot

itemMatrix-class: Class itemMatrix - Sparse Binary Incidence Matrix to...

itemsets-class: Class itemsets - A Set of Itemsets

length: Getting the Number of Elements

LIST: List Representation for Objects Based on Class itemMatrix

match: Value Matching

merge: Adding Items to Data

Mushroom: Mushroom Data Set

pmml: Read and Write PMML

predict: Model Predictions

proximity-classes: Classes dist, ar\_cross\_dissimilarity and ar\_similarity -...

random.transactions: Simulate a Random Transaction Data Set

read.transactions: Read Transaction Data

ruleInduction: Rule Induction from Itemsets

rules-class: Class rules - A Set of Rules

sample: Random Samples and Permutations

sets: Set Operations

setsItemwise: Itemwise Set Operations

size: Number of Items

sort: Sort Associations

subset: Subsetting Itemsets, Rules and Transactions

SunBai: The SunBai Data Set

support: Support Counting for Itemsets

supportingTransactions: Supporting Transactions

tidLists-class: Class tidLists - Transaction ID Lists for Items/Itemsets

transactions-class: Class transactions - Binary Incidence Matrix for Transactions

unique: Remove Duplicated Elements from a Collection

weclat: Mining Associations from Weighted Transaction Data with Eclat...

write: Write Transactions or Associations to a File

Xtrct-methods: Methods for "[": Extraction or Subsetting in Package 'arules'


abbreviate Man page
abbreviate,itemMatrix-method Man page
abbreviate,itemsets-method Man page
abbreviate,rules-method Man page
abbreviate,tidLists-method Man page
abbreviate,transactions-method Man page
addAggregate Man page
addComplement Man page
addComplement,transactions-method Man page
Adult Man page
AdultUCI Man page
affinity Man page
affinity,itemMatrix-method Man page
affinity,matrix-method Man page
aggregate Man page
aggregate,itemMatrix-method Man page
aggregate,itemsets-method Man page
aggregate,rules-method Man page
\%ain\% Man page
\%ain\%,itemMatrix,character-method Man page
APappearance Man page
APappearance-class Man page
APcontrol Man page
APcontrol-class Man page
APparameter Man page
APparameter-class Man page
apriori Man page
ar_cross_dissimilarity-class Man page
ar_similarity-class Man page
AScontrol Man page
AScontrol-class Man page
ASparameter Man page
ASparameter-class Man page
associations Man page
associations-class Man page
c Man page
c,itemMatrix-method Man page
c,itemsets-method Man page
coerce,data.frame,transactions-method Man page
coerce,itemMatrix,list-method Man page
coerce,itemMatrix,matrix-method Man page
coerce,itemMatrix,ngCMatrix-method Man page
coerce,itemMatrix,tidLists-method Man page
coerce,itemsets,data.frame-method Man page
coerce,list,APappearance-method Man page
coerce,list,APcontrol-method Man page
coerce,list,APparameter-method Man page
coerce,list,ECcontrol-method Man page
coerce,list,ECparameter-method Man page
coerce,list,itemMatrix-method Man page
coerce,list,tidLists-method Man page
coerce,list,transactions-method Man page
coerce,matrix,itemMatrix-method Man page
coerce,matrix,transactions-method Man page
coerce,ngCMatrix,itemMatrix-method Man page
coerce,ngCMatrix,list-method Man page
coerce,ngCMatrix,transactions-method Man page
coerce,NULL,APappearance-method Man page
coerce,NULL,APcontrol-method Man page
coerce,NULL,APparameter-method Man page
coerce,NULL,ECcontrol-method Man page
coerce,NULL,ECparameter-method Man page
coerce,rules,data.frame-method Man page
coerce,tidLists,itemMatrix-method Man page
coerce,tidLists,list-method Man page
coerce,tidLists,matrix-method Man page
coerce,tidLists,ngCMatrix-method Man page
coerce,tidLists,transactions-method Man page
coerce,transactions,data.frame-method Man page
coerce,transactions,list-method Man page
coerce,transactions,matrix-method Man page
coerce,transactions,tidLists-method Man page
coverage Man page
coverage,rules-method Man page
crossTable Man page
crossTable,itemMatrix-method Man page
c,rules-method Man page
c,tidLists-method Man page
c,transactions-method Man page
DATAFRAME,itemMatrix-method Man page
DATAFRAME,itemsets-method Man page
DATAFRAME,rules-method Man page
decode Man page
decode,list-method Man page
decode,numeric-method Man page
dim,itemMatrix-method Man page
dimnames<-,itemMatrix,list-method Man page
dimnames,itemMatrix-method Man page
dimnames<-,tidLists,list-method Man page
dimnames,tidLists-method Man page
dimnames<-,transactions,list-method Man page
dimnames,transactions-method Man page
dim,tidLists-method Man page
discretize Man page
dissimilarity Man page
dissimilarity,associations-method Man page
dissimilarity,itemMatrix-method Man page
dissimilarity,matrix-method Man page
dist-class Man page
duplicated Man page
duplicated,itemMatrix-method Man page
duplicated,itemsets-method Man page
duplicated,rules-method Man page
ECcontrol Man page
ECcontrol-class Man page
eclat Man page
ECparameter Man page
ECparameter-class Man page
encode Man page
encode,character-method Man page
encode,list-method Man page
encode,numeric-method Man page
Epub Man page
filterAggregate Man page
generatingItemsets Man page
generatingItemsets,rules-method Man page
Groceries Man page
head Man page
head,associations-method Man page
hits Man page
image Man page
image,itemMatrix-method Man page
image,tidLists-method Man page
image,transactions-method Man page
image,transactions-method Man page
\%in\% Man page
\%in\%,associations,associations-method Man page
Income Man page
IncomeESL Man page
info Man page
info<- Man page
info<-,associations-method Man page
info,associations-method Man page
\%in\%,itemMatrix,character-method Man page
\%in\%,itemMatrix,itemMatrix-method Man page
\%in\%,itemsets,character-method Man page
\%in\%,itemsets,itemsets-method Man page
initialize,APparameter-method Man page
initialize,AScontrol-method Man page
initialize,ASparameter-method Man page
initialize,associations-method Man page
initialize,ECparameter-method Man page
initialize,itemMatrix-method Man page
initialize,rules-method Man page
initialize,tidLists-method Man page
initialize,transactions-method Man page
inspect Man page
inspect,itemMatrix-method Man page
inspect,itemsets-method Man page
inspect,rules-method Man page
inspect,tidLists-method Man page
inspect,transactions-method Man page
interestMeasure Man page
interestMeasure,itemsets-method Man page
interestMeasure,rules-method Man page
intersect Man page
intersect,associations,associations-method Man page
intersect,itemMatrix,itemMatrix-method Man page
intersect-methods Man page
is.closed Man page
is.closed,itemsets-method Man page
is.element Man page
is.element,associations,associations-method Man page
is.element,itemMatrix,itemMatrix-method Man page
is.element-methods Man page
is.maximal Man page
is.maximal,itemMatrix-method Man page
is.maximal,itemsets-method Man page
is.maximal,rules-method Man page
is.redundant Man page
is.redundant,rules-method Man page
is.significant Man page
is.significant,rules-method Man page
is.subset Man page
is.subset,associations-method Man page
is.subset,itemMatrix-method Man page
is.superset Man page
is.superset,associations-method Man page
is.superset,itemMatrix-method Man page
itemcoding Man page
itemCoding Man page
itemFrequency Man page
itemFrequency,itemMatrix-method Man page
itemFrequencyPlot Man page
itemFrequencyPlot,itemMatrix-method Man page
itemFrequency,tidLists-method Man page
itemInfo Man page
itemInfo<- Man page
itemInfo<-,itemMatrix-method Man page
itemInfo,itemMatrix-method Man page
itemInfo,itemsets-method Man page
itemInfo,rules-method Man page
itemInfo<-,tidLists-method Man page
itemInfo,tidLists-method Man page
itemIntersect Man page
itemIntersect,itemMatrix,itemMatrix-method Man page
itemLabels Man page
itemLabels<- Man page
itemLabels<-,itemMatrix-method Man page
itemLabels,itemMatrix-method Man page
itemLabels,itemsets-method Man page
itemLabels,itemsets-method Man page
itemLabels,rules-method Man page
itemLabels,rules-method Man page
itemLabels,tidLists-method Man page
itemMatrix Man page
[,itemMatrix,ANY,ANY,ANY-method Man page
itemMatrix-class Man page
[,itemMatrix-method Man page
items Man page
items<- Man page
items,associations-method Man page
itemSetdiff Man page
itemSetdiff,itemMatrix,itemMatrix-method Man page
itemsetInfo Man page
itemsetInfo<- Man page
itemsetInfo<-,itemMatrix-method Man page
itemsetInfo,itemMatrix-method Man page
itemSetOperations Man page
itemsets Man page
[,itemsets,ANY,ANY,ANY-method Man page
itemsets-class Man page
[,itemsets-method Man page
[,itemsets-method Man page
items<-,itemsets-method Man page
items,itemsets-method Man page
items,rules-method Man page
itemUnion Man page
itemUnion,itemMatrix,itemMatrix-method Man page
labels Man page
labels,associations-method Man page
labels,itemMatrix-method Man page
labels,itemsets-method Man page
labels,rules-method Man page
labels,tidLists-method Man page
labels,transactions-method Man page
length Man page
length,associations-method Man page
length,itemMatrix-method Man page
length,itemsets-method Man page
length,itemsets-method Man page
length,rules-method Man page
length,rules-method Man page
length,tidLists-method Man page
lhs Man page
lhs<- Man page
lhs<-,rules-method Man page
lhs,rules-method Man page
LIST Man page
LIST,itemMatrix-method Man page
LIST,tidLists-method Man page
LIST,transactions-method Man page
match Man page
match,itemMatrix,itemMatrix-method Man page
match,itemsets,itemsets-method Man page
match,rules,rules-method Man page
[<-,Matrix,ANY,ANY,ANY-method Man page
[,Matrix,ANY,ANY,ANY-method Man page
[,Matrix,lMatrix,missing,ANY-method Man page
[,Matrix,logical,missing,ANY-method Man page
[<-,Matrix,missing,missing,ANY-method Man page
merge Man page
merge,itemMatrix-method Man page
merge,transactions-method Man page
[-methods Man page
Mushroom Man page
[,ngCMatrix,ANY,ANY,ANY-method Man page
[,ngCMatrix-method Man page
nitems Man page
nitems,itemMatrix-method Man page
\%pin\% Man page
\%pin\%,itemMatrix,character-method Man page
plot.associations Man page
plot.itemMatrix Man page
predict Man page
predict,itemMatrix-method Man page
print,summary.itemMatrix-method Man page
quality Man page
quality<- Man page
quality<-,associations-method Man page
quality,associations-method Man page
random.patterns Man page
random.transactions Man page
read.PMML Man page
read.transactions Man page
recode Man page
recode,itemMatrix-method Man page
rhs Man page
rhs<- Man page
rhs<-,rules-method Man page
rhs,rules-method Man page
ruleInduction Man page
ruleInduction,itemsets-method Man page
rules Man page
[,rules,ANY,ANY,ANY-method Man page
rules-class Man page
[,rules-method Man page
[,rules-method Man page
sample Man page
sample,associations-method Man page
sample,itemMatrix-method Man page
setdiff Man page
setdiff,associations,associations-method Man page
setdiff,itemMatrix,itemMatrix-method Man page
setdiff-methods Man page
setequal Man page
setequal,associations,associations-method Man page
setequal,itemMatrix,itemMatrix-method Man page
setequal-methods Man page
setOperations Man page
sets Man page
show,APparameter-method Man page
show,AScontrol-method Man page
show,ASparameter-method Man page
show,associations-method Man page
show,itemMatrix-method Man page
show,summary.itemMatrix-method Man page
show,summary.itemsets-method Man page
show,summary.rules-method Man page
show,summary.tidLists-method Man page
show,summary.transactions-method Man page
show,tidLists-method Man page
show,transactions-method Man page
size Man page
size,itemMatrix-method Man page
size,itemsets-method Man page
size,rules-method Man page
size,tidLists-method Man page
sort Man page
SORT Man page
sort,associations-method Man page
SORT,associations-method Man page
subset Man page
subset,itemMatrix-method Man page
subset,itemMatrix-method Man page
subset,itemsets-method Man page
subset,itemsets-method Man page
subset,rules-method Man page
subset,rules-method Man page
summary.associations-class Man page
summary.itemMatrix-class Man page
summary,itemMatrix-method Man page
summary.itemsets-class Man page
summary,itemsets-method Man page
summary.rules-class Man page
summary,rules-method Man page
summary.tidLists-class Man page
summary,tidLists-method Man page
summary.transactions-class Man page
summary,transactions-method Man page
sunbai Man page
SunBai Man page
support Man page
support,associations-method Man page
supportingTransactions Man page
supportingTransactions,associations-method Man page
support,itemMatrix-method Man page
tail Man page
tail,associations-method Man page
t,associations-method Man page
template Man page
tidlists Man page
tidLists Man page
tidLists Man page
[,tidLists,ANY,ANY,ANY-method Man page
tidLists-class Man page
tidLists,itemsets-method Man page
[,tidLists-method Man page
tidLists_or_NULL-class Man page
t,ngCMatrix-method Man page
transactionInfo Man page
transactionInfo<- Man page
transactionInfo<-,tidLists-method Man page
transactionInfo,tidLists-method Man page
transactionInfo<-,transactions-method Man page
transactionInfo,transactions-method Man page
transactions Man page
[,transactions,ANY,ANY,ANY-method Man page
transactions-class Man page
[,transactions-method Man page
t,tidLists-method Man page
t,transactions-method Man page
union Man page
union,associations,associations-method Man page
union,itemMatrix,itemMatrix-method Man page
union-methods Man page
unique Man page
unique,associations-method Man page
unique,itemMatrix-method Man page
warm Man page
WARM Man page
weclat Man page
write Man page
write,ANY-method Man page
write,associations-method Man page
write.csv Man page
write.PMML Man page
write.table Man page
write,transactions-method Man page


arules/R/AllClasses.R arules/R/AllGenerics.R arules/R/is.superset.R arules/R/ruleInduction.R arules/R/DATAFRAME.R arules/R/is.maximal.R arules/R/inspect.R arules/R/supportingTransactions.R arules/R/subset.R arules/R/sets.R arules/R/tidLists.R arules/R/dissimilarity.R arules/R/aggregate.R arules/R/random.transactions.R arules/R/read_write.R arules/R/warm.R arules/R/plot.R arules/R/control.R arules/R/predict.R arules/R/sample.R arules/R/associations.R arules/R/is.significant.R arules/R/eclat.R arules/R/itemsets.R arules/R/setsItemwise.R arules/R/interestMeasures.R arules/R/itemCoding.R arules/R/cut2.R arules/R/pmml.R arules/R/AAADefs.R arules/R/support.R arules/R/coverage.R arules/R/is.redundant.R arules/R/addComplement.R arules/R/image.R arules/R/itemMatrix.R arules/R/Matrix.R arules/R/transactions.R arules/R/rules.R arules/R/appearance.R arules/R/is.closed.R arules/R/itemFrequency.R arules/R/crossTable.R arules/R/discretize.R arules/R/abbreviate.R arules/R/parameter.R arules/R/apriori.R
arules/man/unique.Rd arules/man/ruleInduction.Rd arules/man/duplicated.Rd arules/man/match.Rd arules/man/affinity.Rd arules/man/abbreviate.Rd arules/man/Xtrct-methods.Rd arules/man/APappearance-class.Rd arules/man/combine.Rd arules/man/dissimilarity.Rd arules/man/itemMatrix-class.Rd arules/man/is.redundant.Rd arules/man/coverage.Rd arules/man/setsItemwise.Rd arules/man/interestMeasure.Rd arules/man/rules-class.Rd arules/man/read.transactions.Rd arules/man/merge.Rd arules/man/aggregate.Rd arules/man/length.Rd arules/man/write.Rd arules/man/predict.Rd arules/man/discretize.Rd arules/man/is.superset.Rd arules/man/eclat.Rd arules/man/support.Rd arules/man/proximity-classes.Rd arules/man/addComplement.Rd arules/man/supportingTransactions.Rd arules/man/itemFrequency.Rd arules/man/sort.Rd arules/man/apriori.Rd arules/man/size.Rd arules/man/tidLists-class.Rd arules/man/itemsets-class.Rd arules/man/associations-class.Rd arules/man/itemCoding.Rd arules/man/Epub.Rd arules/man/itemFrequencyPlot.Rd arules/man/transactions-class.Rd arules/man/is.closed.Rd arules/man/random.transactions.Rd arules/man/image.Rd arules/man/Groceries.Rd arules/man/crossTable.Rd arules/man/pmml.Rd arules/man/AScontrol-class.Rd arules/man/DATAFRAME.Rd arules/man/LIST.Rd arules/man/weclat.Rd arules/man/sets.Rd arules/man/is.maximal.Rd arules/man/hits.Rd arules/man/inspect.Rd arules/man/Mushroom.Rd arules/man/ASparameter-class.Rd arules/man/sample.Rd arules/man/Adult.Rd arules/man/subset.Rd arules/man/Income.Rd arules/man/is.significant.Rd arules/man/SunBai.Rd

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