Man pages for arules
Mining Association Rules and Frequent Itemsets

abbreviateAbbreviate function for item labels in transactions,...
addComplementAdd Complement-items to Transactions
AdultAdult Data Set
affinityComputing Affinity Between Items
aggregateSupport for Item Hierarchies
APappearance-classClass APappearance - Specifying the appearance Argument of...
aprioriMining Associations with Apriori
AScontrol-classClasses AScontrol, APcontrol, ECcontrol - Specifying the...
ASparameter-classClasses ASparameter, APparameter, ECparameter - Specifying...
associations-classClass associations - A Set of Associations
combineCombining Objects
coverageCalculate coverage for rules
crossTableCross-tabulate joint occurrences across pairs of items
DATAFRAMEData.frame Representation for arules Objects
discretizeConvert a Continuous Variable into a Categorical Variable
dissimilarityDissimilarity Computation
duplicatedFind Duplicated Elements
eclatMining Associations with Eclat
EpubEpub Data Set
GroceriesGroceries Data Set
hitsComputing Transaction Weights With HITS
imageVisual Inspection of Binary Incidence Matrices
IncomeIncome Data Set
inspectDisplay Associations and Transactions in Readable Form
interestMeasureCalculate Additional Interest Measures
is.closedFind Closed Itemsets
is.maximalFind Maximal Itemsets
is.redundantFind Redundant Rules
is.significantFind Significant Rules
is.supersetFind Super and Subsets
itemCodingItem Coding - Handling Item Labels and Column IDs
itemFrequencyGetting Frequency/Support for Single Items
itemFrequencyPlotCreating a Item Frequencies/Support Bar Plot
itemMatrix-classClass itemMatrix - Sparse Binary Incidence Matrix to...
itemsets-classClass itemsets - A Set of Itemsets
lengthGetting the Number of Elements
LISTList Representation for Objects Based on Class itemMatrix
matchValue Matching
mergeAdding Items to Data
MushroomMushroom Data Set
pmmlRead and Write PMML
predictModel Predictions
proximity-classesClasses dist, ar\_cross\_dissimilarity and ar\_similarity -...
random.transactionsSimulate a Random Transaction Data Set
read.transactionsRead Transaction Data
ruleInductionRule Induction from Itemsets
rules-classClass rules - A Set of Rules
sampleRandom Samples and Permutations
setsSet Operations
setsItemwiseItemwise Set Operations
sizeNumber of Items
sortSort Associations
subsetSubsetting Itemsets, Rules and Transactions
SunBaiThe SunBai Data Set
supportSupport Counting for Itemsets
supportingTransactionsSupporting Transactions
tidLists-classClass tidLists - Transaction ID Lists for Items/Itemsets
transactions-classClass transactions - Binary Incidence Matrix for Transactions
uniqueRemove Duplicated Elements from a Collection
weclatMining Associations from Weighted Transaction Data with Eclat...
writeWrite Transactions or Associations to a File
Xtrct-methodsMethods for "[": Extraction or Subsetting in Package 'arules'
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