get_webservice_token: Retrieve the auth token for a web service

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Get the authentication token, scoped to the current user, for a web service that was deployed with token-based authentication enabled. Token-based authentication requires clients to use an Azure Active Directory account to request an authentication token, which is used to make requests to the deployed service. Only available for AKS deployments.

In order to enable token-based authentication, set the token_auth_enabled = TRUE parameter when you are creating or updating a deployment (aks_webservice_deployment_config() for creation or update_aks_webservice() for updating). Note that you cannot have both key-based authentication and token-based authentication enabled. Token-based authentication is not enabled by default.

To check if a web service has token-based auth enabled, you can access the following boolean property from the Webservice object: service$token_auth_enabled





The AksWebservice object.


An AksServiceAccessToken object.

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