Man pages for azuremlsdk
Interface to the 'Azure Machine Learning' 'SDK'

aci_webservice_deployment_configCreate a deployment config for deploying an ACI web service
aks_webservice_deployment_configCreate a deployment config for deploying an AKS web service
attach_aks_computeAttach an existing AKS cluster to a workspace
azuremlazureml module User can access functions/modules in azureml...
bandit_policyDefine a Bandit policy for early termination of HyperDrive...
bayesian_parameter_samplingDefine Bayesian sampling over a hyperparameter search space
cancel_runCancel a run
choiceSpecify a discrete set of options to sample from
complete_runMark a run as completed.
container_registrySpecify Azure Container Registry details
convert_to_dataset_with_csv_filesConvert the current dataset into a FileDataset containing CSV...
convert_to_dataset_with_parquet_filesConvert the current dataset into a FileDataset containing...
cran_packageSpecifies a CRAN package to install in environment
create_aks_computeCreate an AksCompute cluster
create_aml_computeCreate an AmlCompute cluster
create_child_runCreate a child run
create_child_runsCreate one or many child runs
create_file_dataset_from_filesCreate a FileDataset to represent file streams.
create_tabular_dataset_from_delimited_filesCreate an unregistered, in-memory Dataset from delimited...
create_tabular_dataset_from_json_lines_filesCreate a TabularDataset to represent tabular data in JSON...
create_tabular_dataset_from_parquet_filesCreate an unregistered, in-memory Dataset from parquet files.
create_tabular_dataset_from_sql_queryCreate a TabularDataset to represent tabular data in SQL...
create_workspaceCreate a new Azure Machine Learning workspace
data_pathRepresents a path to data in a datastore.
dataset_consumption_configRepresent how to deliver the dataset to a compute target.
data_type_boolConfigure conversion to bool.
data_type_datetimeConfigure conversion to datetime.
data_type_doubleConfigure conversion to 53-bit double.
data_type_longConfigure conversion to 64-bit integer.
data_type_stringConfigure conversion to string.
define_timestamp_columns_for_datasetDefine timestamp columns for the dataset.
delete_computeDelete a cluster
delete_local_webserviceDelete a local web service from the local machine
delete_modelDelete a model from its associated workspace
delete_secretsDelete secrets from a keyvault
delete_webserviceDelete a web service from a given workspace
delete_workspaceDelete a workspace
deploy_modelDeploy a web service from registered model(s)
detach_aks_computeDetach an AksCompute cluster from its associated workspace
download_file_from_runDownload a file from a run
download_files_from_runDownload files from a run
download_from_datastoreDownload data from a datastore to the local file system
download_from_file_datasetDownload file streams defined by the dataset as local files.
download_modelDownload a model to the local file system
drop_columns_from_datasetDrop the specified columns from the dataset.
estimatorCreate an estimator
experimentCreate an Azure Machine Learning experiment
filter_dataset_after_timeFilter Tabular Dataset with time stamp columns after a...
filter_dataset_before_timeFilter Tabular Dataset with time stamp columns before a...
filter_dataset_between_timeFilter Tabular Dataset between a specified start and end...
filter_dataset_from_recent_timeFilter Tabular Dataset to contain only the specified duration...
generate_entry_scriptGenerates the control script for the experiment.
generate_new_webservice_keyRegenerate one of a web service's keys
get_aks_compute_credentialsGet the credentials for an AksCompute cluster
get_best_run_by_primary_metricReturn the best performing run amongst all completed runs
get_child_run_hyperparametersGet the hyperparameters for all child runs
get_child_run_metricsGet the metrics from all child runs
get_child_runsGet all children for the current run selected by specified...
get_child_runs_sorted_by_primary_metricGet the child runs sorted in descending order by best primary...
get_computeGet an existing compute cluster
get_current_runGet the context object for a run
get_dataset_by_idGet Dataset by ID.
get_dataset_by_nameGet a registered Dataset from the workspace by its...
get_datastoreGet an existing datastore
get_default_datastoreGet the default datastore for a workspace
get_default_keyvaultGet the default keyvault for a workspace
get_environmentGet an existing environment
get_file_dataset_pathsGet a list of file paths for each file stream defined by the...
get_input_dataset_from_runReturn the named list for input datasets.
get_modelGet a registered model
get_model_package_container_registryGet the Azure container registry that a packaged model uses
get_model_package_creation_logsGet the model package creation logs
get_runGet an experiment run
get_run_detailsGet the details of a run
get_run_details_with_logsGet the details of a run along with the log files' contents
get_run_file_namesList the files that are stored in association with a run
get_run_metricsGet the metrics logged to a run
get_runs_in_experimentReturn a generator of the runs for an experiment
get_secretsGet secrets from a keyvault
get_secrets_from_runGet secrets from the keyvault associated with a run's...
get_webserviceGet a deployed web service
get_webservice_keysRetrieve auth keys for a web service
get_webservice_logsRetrieve the logs for a web service
get_webservice_tokenRetrieve the auth token for a web service
get_workspaceGet an existing workspace
get_workspace_detailsGet the details of a workspace
github_packageSpecifies a Github package to install in environment
grid_parameter_samplingDefine grid sampling over a hyperparameter search space
hyperdrive_configCreate a configuration for a HyperDrive run
inference_configCreate an inference configuration for model deployments
install_azuremlInstall azureml sdk package
interactive_login_authenticationManages authentication and acquires an authorization token in...
invoke_webserviceCall a web service with the provided input
keep_columns_from_datasetKeep the specified columns and drops all others from the...
list_nodes_in_aml_computeGet the details (e.g IP address, port etc) of all the compute...
list_secretsList the secrets in a keyvault
list_supported_vm_sizesList the supported VM sizes in a region
list_workspacesList all workspaces that the user has access to in a...
load_dataset_into_data_frameLoad all records from the dataset into a dataframe.
load_workspace_from_configLoad workspace configuration details from a config file
local_webservice_deployment_configCreate a deployment config for deploying a local web service
log_accuracy_table_to_runLog an accuracy table metric to a run
log_confusion_matrix_to_runLog a confusion matrix metric to a run
log_image_to_runLog an image metric to a run
log_list_to_runLog a vector metric value to a run
log_metric_to_runLog a metric to a run
lognormalSpecify a normal distribution of the form 'exp(normal(mu,...
log_predictions_to_runLog a predictions metric to a run
log_residuals_to_runLog a residuals metric to a run
log_row_to_runLog a row metric to a run
log_table_to_runLog a table metric to a run
loguniformSpecify a log uniform distribution
median_stopping_policyDefine a median stopping policy for early termination of...
merge_resultsCombine the results from the parallel training.
mount_file_datasetCreate a context manager for mounting file streams defined by...
normalSpecify a real value that is normally-distributed with mean...
package_modelCreate a model package that packages all the assets needed to...
plot_run_detailsGenerate table of run details
primary_metric_goalDefine supported metric goals for hyperparameter tuning
promote_headers_behaviorDefines options for how column headers are processed when...
pull_model_package_imagePull the Docker image from a 'ModelPackage' to your local...
qlognormalSpecify a normal distribution of the form...
qloguniformSpecify a uniform distribution of the form...
qnormalSpecify a normal distribution of the form round(normal(mu,...
quniformSpecify a uniform distribution of the form...
randintSpecify a set of random integers in the range [0, upper)
random_parameter_samplingDefine random sampling over a hyperparameter search space
random_split_datasetSplit file streams in the dataset into two parts randomly and...
register_azure_blob_container_datastoreRegister an Azure blob container as a datastore
register_azure_data_lake_gen2_datastoreInitialize a new Azure Data Lake Gen2 Datastore.
register_azure_file_share_datastoreRegister an Azure file share as a datastore
register_azure_postgre_sql_datastoreInitialize a new Azure PostgreSQL Datastore.
register_azure_sql_database_datastoreInitialize a new Azure SQL database Datastore.
register_datasetRegister a Dataset in the workspace
register_do_azureml_parallelRegisters AMLCompute as a parallel backend with the foreach...
register_environmentRegister an environment in the workspace
register_modelRegister a model to a given workspace
register_model_from_runRegister a model for operationalization.
reload_local_webservice_assetsReload a local web service's entry script and dependencies
r_environmentCreate an environment
resource_configurationInitialize the ResourceConfiguration.
save_model_package_filesSave a Dockerfile and dependencies from a 'ModelPackage' to...
service_principal_authenticationManages authentication using a service principle instead of a...
set_default_datastoreSet the default datastore for a workspace
set_secretsAdd secrets to a keyvault
skip_from_datasetSkip file streams from the top of the dataset by the...
split_tasksSplits the job into parallel tasks.
start_logging_runCreate an interactive logging run
submit_child_runSubmit an experiment and return the active child run
submit_experimentSubmit an experiment and return the active created run
take_from_datasetTake a sample of file streams from top of the dataset by the...
take_sample_from_datasetTake a random sample of file streams in the dataset...
truncation_selection_policyDefine a truncation selection policy for early termination of...
uniformSpecify a uniform distribution of options to sample from
unregister_all_dataset_versionsUnregister all versions under the registration name of this...
unregister_datastoreUnregister a datastore from its associated workspace
update_aci_webserviceUpdate a deployed ACI web service
update_aks_webserviceUpdate a deployed AKS web service
update_aml_computeUpdate scale settings for an AmlCompute cluster
update_local_webserviceUpdate a local web service
upload_files_to_datastoreUpload files to the Azure storage a datastore points to
upload_files_to_runUpload files to a run
upload_folder_to_runUpload a folder to a run
upload_to_datastoreUpload a local directory to the Azure storage a datastore...
view_run_detailsInitialize run details widget
wait_for_deploymentWait for a web service to finish deploying
wait_for_model_package_creationWait for a model package to finish creating
wait_for_provisioning_completionWait for a cluster to finish provisioning
wait_for_run_completionWait for the completion of a run
write_workspace_configWrite out the workspace configuration details to a config...
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