save_model_package_files: Save a Dockerfile and dependencies from a 'ModelPackage' to...

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Download the Dockerfile, model, and other assets needed to build an image locally from a created ModelPackage.

This can only be used with a Dockerfile ModelPackage (where package_model() was called with generate_dockerfile = TRUE to indicated that you wanted only the files and not a fully built image).

save_model_package_files() downloads the files needed to build the image to the output_directory. The Dockerfile included in the saved files references a base image stored in an Azure container registry. When you build the image on your local Docker installation, you will need the address, username, and password to authenticate to the registry. You can get this information using get_model_package_container_registry().


save_model_package_files(package, output_directory)



The ModelPackage object.


A string of the local directory that will be created to contain the contents of the package.



See Also

package_model(), get_model_package_container_registry()

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