invoke_webservice: Call a web service with the provided input

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Invoke the web service with the provided input and to receive predictions from the deployed model. The structure of the provided input data needs to match what the service's scoring script and model expect. See the "Details" section of inference_config().


invoke_webservice(webservice, input_data)



The LocalWebservice, AciWebservice, or AksWebservice object.


The input data to invoke the web service with. This is the data your model expects as an input to run predictions.


Instead of invoking the web service using invoke_webservice(), you can also consume the web service using the service's REST API. If you've enabled key-based authentication for your service, you will need to provide a service key as a token in your request header (see get_webservice_keys()). If you've enabled token-based authentication, you will need to provide an JWT token as a bearer token in your request header (see get_webservice_token()).

To get the REST API address for the service's scoring endpoint, you can access the following property from the Webservice object: service$scoring_uri


A named list of the result of calling the web service. This will return the predictions run from your model.

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