Defines functions aggregateSimulationReplications

Documented in aggregateSimulationReplications

#' Summarize replications of a simulation
#' @param results Raw simulation results. 
#'        The result of \code{\link{extractSimulationResults}}.
#' @importFrom stats quantile
#' @importFrom checkmate assertDataTable
#' @export
aggregateSimulationReplications <- function(results) {
  # Make the R CMD check gods happy...
  .SD <- NULL

  if (!inherits(results, "data.table")) {
    results <- extractSimulationResults(results)
  # Check after potential call to extractSimulationResults!

  agg <- data.table::dcast(results, date + resource ~ .,
                           value.var="count", fill=0,
                                              lq=function(x) quantile(x, 0.25),
                                              uq=function(x) quantile(x, 0.75),
  # dcast() prefixes each new column with the name of value.var. 
  # We don't want that, so fixup the column names
  oldNames <- grep("^count_", colnames(agg), value=TRUE)
  newNames <- gsub("count_", "", oldNames)
  setnames(agg, oldNames, newNames)

  # Since we are counting discrete resources, we want to round them the nearest
  # integer
  agg[, (newNames) := lapply(.SD, round), .SDcols=newNames]

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