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Bayesian Inference for Marketing/Micro-Econometrics

bankBank Card Conjoint Data
bregPosterior Draws from a Univariate Regression with Unit Error...
cameraConjoint Survey Data for Digital Cameras
cgetCObtain A List of Cut-offs for Scale Usage Problems
cheeseSliced Cheese Data
clusterMixCluster Observations Based on Indicator MCMC Draws
condMomComputes Conditional Mean/Var of One Element of MVN given All...
createXCreate X Matrix for Use in Multinomial Logit and Probit...
customerSatCustomer Satisfaction Data
detailingPhysician Detailing Data
eMixMargDenCompute Marginal Densities of A Normal Mixture Averaged over...
ghkvecCompute GHK approximation to Multivariate Normal Integrals
llmnlEvaluate Log Likelihood for Multinomial Logit Model
llmnpEvaluate Log Likelihood for Multinomial Probit Model
llnhlogitEvaluate Log Likelihood for non-homothetic Logit Model
lndIChisqCompute Log of Inverted Chi-Squared Density
lndIWishartCompute Log of Inverted Wishart Density
lndMvnCompute Log of Multivariate Normal Density
lndMvstCompute Log of Multivariate Student-t Density
logMargDenNRCompute Log Marginal Density Using Newton-Raftery Approx
margarineHousehold Panel Data on Margarine Purchases
mixDenCompute Marginal Density for Multivariate Normal Mixture
mixDenBiCompute Bivariate Marginal Density for a Normal Mixture
mnlHessComputes -Expected Hessian for Multinomial Logit
mnpProbCompute MNP Probabilities
momMixCompute Posterior Expectation of Normal Mixture Model Moments
nmatConvert Covariance Matrix to a Correlation Matrix
numEffCompute Numerical Standard Error and Relative Numerical...
orangeJuiceStore-level Panel Data on Orange Juice Sales
plot.bayesm.hcoefPlot Method for Hierarchical Model Coefs
plot.bayesm.matPlot Method for Arrays of MCMC Draws
plot.bayesm.nmixPlot Method for MCMC Draws of Normal Mixtures
rbayesBLPBayesian Analysis of Random Coefficient Logit Models Using...
rbiNormGibbsIllustrate Bivariate Normal Gibbs Sampler
rbprobitGibbsGibbs Sampler (Albert and Chib) for Binary Probit
rdirichletDraw From Dirichlet Distribution
rDPGibbsDensity Estimation with Dirichlet Process Prior and Normal...
rhierBinLogitMCMC Algorithm for Hierarchical Binary Logit
rhierLinearMixtureGibbs Sampler for Hierarchical Linear Model with...
rhierLinearModelGibbs Sampler for Hierarchical Linear Model with Normal...
rhierMnlDPMCMC Algorithm for Hierarchical Multinomial Logit with...
rhierMnlRwMixtureMCMC Algorithm for Hierarchical Multinomial Logit with...
rhierNegbinRwMCMC Algorithm for Hierarchical Negative Binomial Regression
rivDPLinear "IV" Model with DP Process Prior for Errors
rivGibbsGibbs Sampler for Linear "IV" Model
rmixGibbsGibbs Sampler for Normal Mixtures w/o Error Checking
rmixtureDraw from Mixture of Normals
rmnlIndepMetropMCMC Algorithm for Multinomial Logit Model
rmnpGibbsGibbs Sampler for Multinomial Probit
rmultiregDraw from the Posterior of a Multivariate Regression
rmvpGibbsGibbs Sampler for Multivariate Probit
rmvstDraw from Multivariate Student-t
rnegbinRwMCMC Algorithm for Negative Binomial Regression
rnmixGibbsGibbs Sampler for Normal Mixtures
rordprobitGibbsGibbs Sampler for Ordered Probit
rscaleUsageMCMC Algorithm for Multivariate Ordinal Data with Scale Usage...
rsurGibbsGibbs Sampler for Seemingly Unrelated Regressions (SUR)
rtrunDraw from Truncated Univariate Normal
runiregIID Sampler for Univariate Regression
runiregGibbsGibbs Sampler for Univariate Regression
rwishartDraw from Wishart and Inverted Wishart Distribution
ScotchSurvey Data on Brands of Scotch Consumed
simnhlogitSimulate from Non-homothetic Logit Model
summary.bayesm.matSummarize Mcmc Parameter Draws
summary.bayesm.nmixSummarize Draws of Normal Mixture Components
summary.bayesm.varSummarize Draws of Var-Cov Matrices
tunaCanned Tuna Sales Data
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