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Bayesian Random-Effects Meta-Analysis

bayesmetaBayesian random-effects meta-analysis
bayesmeta-packageBayesian Random-Effects Meta-Analysis
Cochran1954Fly counts example data
CrinsEtAl2014Pediatric liver transplant example data
dhalflogisticHalf-logistic distribution.
dhalfnormalHalf-normal, half-Student-t and half-Cauchy distributions.
dlomaxThe Lomax distribution.
drayleighThe Rayleigh distribution.
forest.bayesmetaGenerate a forest plot for a 'bayesmeta' object (based on the...
forestplot.bayesmetaGenerate a forest plot for a 'bayesmeta' object (based on the...
GoralczykEtAl2011Liver transplant example data
HinksEtAl2010JIA example data
normalmixtureCompute normal mixtures
Peto1980Aspirin after myocardial infarction example data
plot.bayesmetaGenerate summary plots for a 'bayesmeta' object.
pppvaluePosterior predictive p-values
RhodesEtAlPriorHeterogeneity priors for continuous outcomes (standardized...
Rubin19818-schools example data
SidikJonkman2007Postoperative complication odds example data
SnedecorCochranArtificial insemination of cows example data
TurnerEtAlPrior(Log-Normal) heterogeneity priors for binary outcomes as...
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