berryFunctions: Function Collection Related to Plotting and Hydrology

Draw horizontal histograms, color scattered points by 3rd dimension, enhance date- and log-axis plots, zoom in X11 graphics, trace errors and warnings, use the unit hydrograph in a linear storage cascade, convert lists to data.frames and arrays, fit multiple functions.

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AuthorBerry Boessenkool
Date of publication2017-04-10 14:55:04 UTC
MaintainerBerry Boessenkool <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

addAlpha: Color transparency

addFade: Color fade out

addRows: Add n rows to a data.frame

almost.equal: Vectorized testing for near-equality

anhang: open the Appendix of Rclick

approx2: Smart linear NA interpolation

around: View values around an index

berryFunctions-package: Berry's functions

betaPlot: Beta density plot

betaPlotComp: Compare beta distributions

checkFile: check file existance

ci: calculate confidence interval around mean

ciBand: polygon confidence bands

circle: Draw circle with a given radius

classify: Classification into groups

climateGraph: climate graph after Walter and Lieth

colPoints: Points colored relative to third dimension

colPointsHist: Histogram for colPoints

colPointsLegend: Legend for colPoints

combineFiles: Combine Textfiles into one

compareFiles: Compare textfiles for equality

convertUmlaut: Convert German Umlaute to ASCII

createFun: create function framework

createPres: Create .Rnw presentation template

dataDWD: dataDWD and readDWD are now in 'rdwd'.

dataStr: str of datasets

distance: Distance between points

divPal: Diverging color palette

dupes: Duplicate lines in file

exp4p: 4-parametric exponential function

expReg: Exponential regression with plotting

exTime: Time to run examples

funnelPlot: Funnel plots for proportional data

funSource: Source code of a function

funTinn: Open function in TinnR

getColumn: get column from data.frame

getName: get the name of an input in nested function calls

gof: GOF measures

googleLink2pdf: extract pdf link from google search result

groupHist: Histogramm for classes

headtail: head and tail

horizHist: Horizontal histogram

insertRows: insert rows to data.frame

instGit: install github package

is.error: Check if an expression returns an error

l2array: Convert list of arrays to array

l2df: List to data.frame

legendmt: legend with multiline title

library2: install.package and require

lim0: axis limits with one end at zero

linLogHist: lin-log transition histogram

linLogTrans: Animation for transition from linear to logarithmic axis

linReg: linear regression with plotting

locArrow: arrow at locator point in graph

locLine: abline at locator point in graph

logAxis: Label logarithmic axes

logHist: Histogram of logarithmic values

logSpaced: Logarithmically spaced points

logVals: Create log-axis values and labels

lsc: Linear storage cascade, unit hydrograph

lsMem: Show memory size of objects in MB

monthAxis: Label date axis

monthLabs: Nicely spaced labels along a month

movAv: Moving average

movAvLines: Moving average with different window widths

mReg: Multiple regression

na9: Prepend spaces before na.strings

nameSample: Nonrandom character sequence with sample

newFilename: Create new filename if file already exists

normPlot: Normal density plot

owa: Overwrite argument default lists

panelDim: Arrange panels in a multipanel plot (par mfrow)

pdfpng: Create pdf and png graph

popleaf: create leaflet popup box info

pretty2: Truncated pretty breakpoints

quantileBands: Quantile bands

quantileMean: Average of R's quantile methods

rainbow2: Rainbow from blue to red

removeSpace: Remove white spaces from strings

rescale: shift and scale a vector

runAxis: Label axis with typical running times

seasonality: Seasonality analysis

seqPal: Sequential color palette

seqR: seq with a range argument

showPal: show color palettes

smallPlot: Inset small plot within figure

smoothLines: draw smoothed lines

sortDF: sort dataframes by column

spiralDate: Spiral graph of time series

spiralDateAnim: Animated spiral graph

superPos: superposition of discharge, unit hydrograph

tableColVal: Table with values with value-dependent colored backgrounds in...

textField: Write text to plot with halo underneath

TFtest: Test logical expressions

timer: Timer alarm

toupper1: capitalize words

traceCall: call stack of a function

truncMessage: truncate message parts

tryStack: try an expression, returning the error stack

unitHydrograph: Unit Hydrograph

yearSample: Nonrandom year with sample


addAlpha Man page
addFade Man page
addRows Man page
almost.equal Man page
anhang Man page
approx2 Man page
around Man page
berryFunctions Man page
berryFunctions-package Man page
betaPlot Man page
betaPlotComp Man page
checkFile Man page
ci Man page
ciBand Man page
circle Man page
classify Man page
climateGraph Man page
colPoints Man page
colPointsHist Man page
colPointsLegend Man page
combineFiles Man page
compareFiles Man page
convertUmlaut Man page
createFun Man page
createPres Man page
dataDWD Man page
dataStr Man page
distance Man page
divPal Man page
dupes Man page
exp4p Man page
expReg Man page
exTime Man page
funnelPlot Man page
funSource Man page
funTinn Man page
getColumn Man page
getName Man page
gof Man page
gofNA Man page
googleLink2pdf Man page
groupHist Man page
headtail Man page
horizHist Man page
insertRows Man page
instGit Man page
is.error Man page
kge Man page
l2array Man page
l2df Man page
legendmt Man page
library2 Man page
lim0 Man page
linLogHist Man page
linLogTrans Man page
linReg Man page
locArrow Man page
locLine Man page
logAxis Man page
logHist Man page
logSpaced Man page
logVals Man page
lsc Man page
lsMem Man page
monthAxis Man page
monthLabs Man page
movAv Man page
movAvLines Man page
mReg Man page
na9 Man page
nameSample Man page
newFilename Man page
normPlot Man page
nse Man page
owa Man page
panelDim Man page
pdfpng Man page
popleaf Man page
pretty2 Man page
quantileBands Man page
quantileMean Man page
rainbow2 Man page
readDWD Man page
removeSpace Man page
require2 Man page
rescale Man page
rmse Man page
rsquare Man page
runAxis Man page
seasonality Man page
seqPal Man page
seqR Man page
showPal Man page
smallPlot Man page
smoothLines Man page
sortDF Man page
spiralDate Man page
spiralDateAnim Man page
superPos Man page
tableColVal Man page
textField Man page
TFtest Man page
timer Man page
toupper1 Man page
traceCall Man page
truncMessage Man page
tryStack Man page
unitHydrograph Man page
yearSample Man page


R/pdfpng.R R/owa.R R/convertUmlaut.R R/combineFiles.R R/quantileBands.R R/addRows.R R/logAxis.R R/lsc.R R/funTinn.R R/colPointsHist.R R/colPointsLegend.R R/addFade.R R/betaPlotComp.R R/around.R R/panelDim.R R/pretty2.R R/rainbow2.R R/nameSample.R R/logVals.R R/anhang.R R/circle.R R/googleLink2pdf.R R/locLine.R R/TFtest.R R/lsMem.R R/textField.R R/newFilename.R R/rescale.R R/mReg.R R/monthLabs.R R/legendmt.R R/linReg.R R/createPres.R R/locArrow.R R/toupper1.R R/quantileMean.R R/checkFile.R R/sortDF.R R/smallPlot.R R/almost.equal.R R/lim0.R R/createFun.R R/climateGraph.R R/unitHydrograph.R R/compareFiles.R R/spiralDate.R R/addAlpha.R R/getName.R R/divPal.R R/horizHist.R R/normPlot.R R/truncMessage.R R/popleaf.R R/groupHist.R R/instGit.R R/colPoints.R R/exTime.R R/exp4p.R R/l2array.R R/library2.R R/logSpaced.R R/na9.R R/headtail.R R/seasonality.R R/linLogTrans.R R/superPos.R R/dataStr.R R/tableColVal.R R/insertRows.R R/approx2.R R/tryStack.R R/logHist.R R/showPal.R R/l2df.R R/yearSample.R R/traceCall.R R/is.error.R R/removeSpace.R R/runAxis.R R/smoothLines.R R/movAv.R R/expReg.R R/gof.R R/movAvLines.R R/classify.R R/linLogHist.R R/berryFunctions-package.R R/monthAxis.R R/funnelPlot.R R/spiralDateAnim.R R/timer.R R/betaPlot.R R/dupes.R R/seqPal.R R/ci.R R/funSource.R R/seqR.R R/distance.R R/getColumn.R R/ciBand.R
man/legendmt.Rd man/na9.Rd man/timer.Rd man/funSource.Rd man/ci.Rd man/superPos.Rd man/around.Rd man/truncMessage.Rd man/linReg.Rd man/popleaf.Rd man/movAv.Rd man/quantileMean.Rd man/monthLabs.Rd man/spiralDateAnim.Rd man/runAxis.Rd man/almost.equal.Rd man/normPlot.Rd man/createFun.Rd man/removeSpace.Rd man/colPointsHist.Rd man/addAlpha.Rd man/owa.Rd man/googleLink2pdf.Rd man/createPres.Rd man/instGit.Rd man/getColumn.Rd man/addFade.Rd man/colPointsLegend.Rd man/tryStack.Rd man/compareFiles.Rd man/approx2.Rd man/panelDim.Rd man/classify.Rd man/divPal.Rd man/library2.Rd man/distance.Rd man/TFtest.Rd man/anhang.Rd man/dataStr.Rd man/textField.Rd man/insertRows.Rd man/tableColVal.Rd man/mReg.Rd man/logAxis.Rd man/showPal.Rd man/funTinn.Rd man/monthAxis.Rd man/betaPlotComp.Rd man/addRows.Rd man/is.error.Rd man/dupes.Rd man/logHist.Rd man/lim0.Rd man/convertUmlaut.Rd man/sortDF.Rd man/seasonality.Rd man/betaPlot.Rd man/toupper1.Rd man/berryFunctions-package.Rd man/pdfpng.Rd man/logSpaced.Rd man/seqR.Rd man/checkFile.Rd man/headtail.Rd man/locArrow.Rd man/combineFiles.Rd man/spiralDate.Rd man/movAvLines.Rd man/rescale.Rd man/smoothLines.Rd man/expReg.Rd man/lsMem.Rd man/newFilename.Rd man/exp4p.Rd man/l2array.Rd man/traceCall.Rd man/locLine.Rd man/l2df.Rd man/exTime.Rd man/nameSample.Rd man/colPoints.Rd man/funnelPlot.Rd man/smallPlot.Rd man/groupHist.Rd man/horizHist.Rd man/climateGraph.Rd man/linLogHist.Rd man/circle.Rd man/seqPal.Rd man/getName.Rd man/lsc.Rd man/quantileBands.Rd man/yearSample.Rd man/linLogTrans.Rd man/logVals.Rd man/dataDWD.Rd man/unitHydrograph.Rd man/pretty2.Rd man/rainbow2.Rd man/ciBand.Rd man/gof.Rd

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