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Function Collection Related to Plotting and Hydrology

addAlphaColor transparency
addFadeColor fade out
addRowsAdd n rows to a data.frame
almost.equalVectorized testing for near-equality
anhangopen the Appendix of Rclick
approx2Smart linear NA interpolation
aroundView values around an index
berryFunctions-packageBerry's functions
betaPlotBeta density plot
betaPlotCompCompare beta distributions
betweenAre values between a and b?
catPalCategorical color palette
checkFilecheck file existence
ciBandpolygon confidence bands
circleDraw circle with a given radius
classifyClassification into groups
climateGraphclimate graph after Walter and Lieth
colPointsPoints colored relative to third dimension
colPointsHistHistogram for colPoints
colPointsLegendLegend for colPoints
combineFilesCombine Textfiles into one
compareDistcompare distributions
compareFilesCompare textfiles for equality
convertUmlautConvert German Umlaute to ASCII
createFuncreate function framework
createPresCreate .Rnw presentation template
dataStrstr of datasets
distanceDistance between points
divPalDiverging color palette
dupesDuplicate lines in file
exp4p4-parametric exponential function
expRegExponential regression with plotting
funnelPlotFunnel plots for proportional data
funSourceSource code of a function
getColumnget column from data.frame
getNameget the name of an input in nested function calls
gofGOF measures
googleLink2pdfextract pdf link from google search result
groupHistHistogram for classes
headtailhead and tail
horizHistHorizontal histogram
if.errorexpressions/values conditional on whether tested expression...
insertRowsinsert rows to data.frame
is.errorCheck if an expression returns an error
l2arrayConvert list of arrays to array
l2dfList to data.frame
learnVocabspaced learning
legendmtlegend with multiline title
library2install.package and library
lim0axis limits with one end at zero
linLogHistlin-log transition histogram
linLogTransAnimation for transition from linear to logarithmic axis
linReglinear regression with plotting
locArrowarrow at locator point in graph
locatorRSlocator with immediate points in Rstudio
locLineabline at locator point in graph
logAxisLabel logarithmic axes
logHistHistogram of logarithmic values
logSpacedLogarithmically spaced points
logValsCreate log-axis values and labels
lscLinear storage cascade, unit hydrograph
lsMemShow memory size of objects in MB
monthAxisLabel date axis
monthLabsNicely spaced labels along a month
movAvMoving average
movAvLinesMoving average with different window widths
mRegMultiple regression
na9Prepend spaces before na.strings
nameSampleNonrandom character sequence with sample
newFilenameCreate new filename if file already exists
normalizePathCPnormalizePath Cross Platform
normPlotNormal density plot
openFileopen file in default application
openPDFopen PDF file with sumatra viewer
owaOverwrite argument default lists
packagePathBase path of package
panelDimArrange panels in a multipanel plot (par mfrow)
parallelCodecode chunk for parallelization
pdfpngCreate pdf and png graph
popleafcreate leaflet popup box info
pretty2Truncated pretty breakpoints
quantileBandsQuantile bands
quantileMeanAverage of R's quantile methods
rainbow2Rainbow from blue to red
removeSpaceRemove white spaces from strings
rescaleshift and scale a vector
round0Round numbers with leading and trailing zeros
roundedRectRectangles with rounded corners
runAxisLabel axis with typical running times
runTimerunnning time conversion
seasonalitySeasonality analysis
seqPalSequential color palette
seqRseq with a range argument
showPalshow color palettes
smallPlotInset small plot within figure
smoothLinesdraw smoothed lines
sortDFsort dataframes by column
spiralDateSpiral graph of time series
spiralDateAnimAnimated spiral graph
sumatraInitializeSet useful Sumatra PDF Viewer default settings
superPossuperposition of discharge, unit hydrograph
tableColValTable with values with value-dependent colored backgrounds in...
testExamplesTest examples in a package
textFieldWrite text to plot with halo underneath
TFtestTest logical expressions
timeAxisLabel date axis
timerTimer alarm
traceCallcall stack of a function
truncMessagetruncate message parts
tryStacktry an expression, returning the error stack
unitHydrographUnit Hydrograph
yearPlotannual plot
yearSampleNonrandom year with sample
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