bigReg: Generalized Linear Models (GLM) for Large Data Sets

Allows the user to carry out GLM on very large data sets. Data can be created using the data_frame() function and appended to the object with object$append(data); data_frame and data_matrix objects are available that allow the user to store large data on disk. The data is stored as doubles in binary format and any character columns are transformed to factors and then stored as numeric (binary) data while a look-up table is stored in a separate .meta_data file in the same folder. The data is stored in blocks and GLM regression algorithm is modified and carries out a MapReduce- like algorithm to fit the model. The functions bglm(), and summary() and bglm_predict() are available for creating and post-processing of models. The library requires Armadillo installed on your system. It probably won't function on windows since multi-core processing is done using mclapply() which forks R on Unix/Linux type operating systems.

AuthorChibisi Chima-Okereke <>
Date of publication2016-07-25 19:16:58
MaintainerChibisi Chima-Okereke <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

asInteger: converts numeric vector to integer

bglm: Function to carry out generalized linear regression on a...

bglm_predict: predict function for bglm object

binomial_: binomial family function

blm: Function to carry out linear regression on a data_frame data...

CreateFactor: creates factor from numeric vector and character vector as...

data_frame: function to create a data_frame object

data_matrix: function to create a data_frame object

family_: family function

Gamma_: Gamma family function

gaussian_: gaussian family function

inverse.gaussian_: inverse.gaussian family function

load_data_frame: function to load data_frame object

load_data_matrix: function to load data_frame object

myIn: finds whether x is in y

mySeq: mySeq function to sequence integers

plasma: plasma data from the HSAUR package

poisson_: poisson family function

print.bglm: print function for the bglm object

print.blm: print function for the blm object

print.data_frame: print function for a data_frame

print.data_matrix: print function for a data_matrix

print.summary.bglm: Function to print the summary object from the bglm object

print.summary.blm: Function to print the summary object from the blm object

process_bglm_block: Function to print the summary object from the blm object

quasi_: quasi family function

quasibinomial_: quasibinomial family function

quasipoisson_: quasipoisson family function

r_bind: row binding for benchmarking ...

read_df_block: read data frame block from file

read_df_blocks: read multiple blocks of data frames from file

read_matrix_block: read matrix block from file

read_matrix_blocks: read matrix blocks from file

readNumericVector: reads numeric vector to file

sum_bglm_block: The reduction function for the algorithm

summary.bglm: summary function for the bglm object

summary.blm: summary function for the blm object

SVD: Singular value decomposition of the aggregated list from...

write_numeric_vector: writes numeric vector to file

writeNumericVector: writes numeric vector to file

XWXMatrix: Calculation of iterative regression components

XWXMatrixW: Calculation of iterative regression components

Files in this package

bigReg/man/process_bglm_block.Rd bigReg/man/print.data_frame.Rd bigReg/man/load_data_matrix.Rd bigReg/man/CreateFactor.Rd bigReg/man/write_numeric_vector.Rd bigReg/man/XWXMatrix.Rd bigReg/man/read_df_blocks.Rd bigReg/man/sum_bglm_block.Rd bigReg/man/read_matrix_block.Rd bigReg/man/bglm_predict.Rd bigReg/man/readNumericVector.Rd bigReg/man/r_bind.Rd bigReg/man/plasma.Rd bigReg/man/SVD.Rd bigReg/man/quasi_.Rd bigReg/man/poisson_.Rd bigReg/man/read_matrix_blocks.Rd bigReg/man/read_df_block.Rd bigReg/man/bglm.Rd bigReg/man/quasipoisson_.Rd bigReg/man/data_frame.Rd bigReg/man/binomial_.Rd bigReg/man/print.data_matrix.Rd bigReg/man/print.summary.blm.Rd bigReg/man/myIn.Rd bigReg/man/Gamma_.Rd bigReg/man/gaussian_.Rd bigReg/man/XWXMatrixW.Rd bigReg/man/print.summary.bglm.Rd bigReg/man/mySeq.Rd bigReg/man/summary.bglm.Rd bigReg/man/data_matrix.Rd bigReg/man/quasibinomial_.Rd bigReg/man/print.blm.Rd bigReg/man/summary.blm.Rd bigReg/man/load_data_frame.Rd bigReg/man/inverse.gaussian_.Rd bigReg/man/writeNumericVector.Rd bigReg/man/asInteger.Rd bigReg/man/family_.Rd bigReg/man/blm.Rd bigReg/man/print.bglm.Rd

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