Man pages for bigReg
Generalized Linear Models (GLM) for Large Data Sets

asIntegerconverts numeric vector to integer
bglmFunction to carry out generalized linear regression on a...
bglm_predictpredict function for bglm object
binomial_binomial family function
blmFunction to carry out linear regression on a data_frame data...
CreateFactorcreates factor from numeric vector and character vector as...
data_framefunction to create a data_frame object
data_matrixfunction to create a data_frame object
family_family function
Gamma_Gamma family function
gaussian_gaussian family function
inverse.gaussian_inverse.gaussian family function
load_data_framefunction to load data_frame object
load_data_matrixfunction to load data_frame object
myInfinds whether x is in y
mySeqmySeq function to sequence integers
plasmaplasma data from the HSAUR package
poisson_poisson family function
print.bglmprint function for the bglm object
print.blmprint function for the blm object
print.data_frameprint function for a data_frame
print.data_matrixprint function for a data_matrix
print.summary.bglmFunction to print the summary object from the bglm object
print.summary.blmFunction to print the summary object from the blm object
process_bglm_blockFunction to print the summary object from the blm object
quasi_quasi family function
quasibinomial_quasibinomial family function
quasipoisson_quasipoisson family function
r_bindrow binding for benchmarking ...
read_df_blockread data frame block from file
read_df_blocksread multiple blocks of data frames from file
read_matrix_blockread matrix block from file
read_matrix_blocksread matrix blocks from file
readNumericVectorreads numeric vector to file
sum_bglm_blockThe reduction function for the algorithm
summary.bglmsummary function for the bglm object
summary.blmsummary function for the blm object
SVDSingular value decomposition of the aggregated list from...
write_numeric_vectorwrites numeric vector to file
writeNumericVectorwrites numeric vector to file
XWXMatrixCalculation of iterative regression components
XWXMatrixWCalculation of iterative regression components
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