Man pages for bigpca
PCA, Transpose and Multicore Functionality for 'big.matrix' Objects

big.algebra.install.helpAttempt to install the bigalgebra package
big.PCAPCA/Singular Value Decomposition for big.matrix
bigpca-internalInternal bigpca Functions
bigpca-packagePCA, Transpose and Multicore Functionality for 'big.matrix'...
big.selectSelect a subset of a big.matrix
big.tTranspose function for big.matrix objects
bmcapplyA multicore 'apply' function for big.matrix objects
clear_active_bmsFunction to clear big.matrix objects in the calling...
estimate.eig.vpcsEstimate the variance percentages for uncalculated...
generate.test.matrixGenerate a test matrix of random data
get.big.matrixRetrieve a big.matrix object
import.big.dataLoad a text file into a big.matrix object
pca.scree.plotMake scree plots for any PCA
PC.correctCorrect a big.matrix by principle components
prv.big.matrixTidier display function for big matrix objects
quick.elbowQuickly estimate the 'elbow' of a scree plot (PCA)
quick.pheno.assocsQuick association tests for phenotype
select.least.assocSelect subset of rows least associated with a categorical...
subcor.selectSelection of the most correlated variable subset
subpc.selectSelection of a representative variable subset
svn.bigalgebra.installAttempt to install the bigalgebra package using SVN
thinReduce one dimension of a large matrix in a strategic way
uniform.selectDerive a subset of a large dataset
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