svn.bigalgebra.install: Attempt to install the bigalgebra package using SVN

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The bigalgebra package for efficient algebraic operations on big.matrix objects has now been submitted to CRAN, so this function is now mostly redundant. It used to require installation from SVN and some tinkering, such as changing the description file to add the dependency, and linking 'BH' to allow the package to work. This may still be required on older versions of R that do not support the bigalgebra package uploaded to CRAN, but I cannot confirm this. This function automatically performs these corrections. First, it attempts to check-out the latest version of bigalgebra from SVN version management system and then corrects the description file, then tries to install the package. Note you must also have 'BLAS' installed on your system to utilise this package effectively. PCA functions in the present package are better with bigalgebra installed, but will still run without it. For more information on installation alternatives, type Returns TRUE if bigalgebra is already installed.





whether to report on installation progress/steps


If SVN is installed on your system, along with BLAS, this function should install the bigalgebra package, else it will return instructions on what to do to fix the issue

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