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The bigalgebra package has now been submitted to CRAN, so this function is now mostly redundant. It may still be useful for some, and it will still work, as the first step to check CRAN, so at the risk of affecting existing code I will leave the function here for now. This function attempts to see whether bigalgebra is installed, then checks CRAN in case it has been updated, then check RForge. Failing that, it will attempt to install using svn.bigalgebra.install(). Returns TRUE if already installed. The bigalgebra package for efficient algebraic operations on big.matrix objects was not currently on CRAN, and used to fail a check on dependencies. Changing the description file was needed to add the dependency, and linking 'BH' allow3e the package to work. This function attempts to check-out the latest version of bigalgebra from SVN version management system and corrects the description file then installs. Note you must also have 'BLAS' installed on your system to utilise this package effectively. PCA functions in the present package are better with bigalgebra installed, but will still run without it. For more information on installation alternatives, type





whether to report on installation progress/steps


If bigalgebra is already installed, or can be installed from RForge or SVN, this should load or install the bigalgebra package, else will return instructions on what to do next to fix the issue

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Example output

Loading required package: reader
Loading required package: NCmisc

Attaching package: 'reader'

The following objects are masked from 'package:NCmisc':

    cat.path, get.ext, rmv.ext

Loading required package: bigmemory
Loading required package: biganalytics
Loading required package: foreach
Loading required package: biglm
Loading required package: DBI
Warning messages:
1: replacing previous import 'reader::cat.path' by 'NCmisc::cat.path' when loading 'bigpca' 
2: replacing previous import 'reader::get.ext' by 'NCmisc::get.ext' when loading 'bigpca' 
3: replacing previous import 'reader::rmv.ext' by 'NCmisc::rmv.ext' when loading 'bigpca' 
Loading required package: bigalgebra
[1] TRUE

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