Man pages for bioRad
Biological Analysis and Visualization of Weather Radar Data

add_expected_eta_to_scanadds expected eta to a scan
apply_mistnetApply MistNet segmentation to a polar volume a vertical profile ('vp') or time series of vertical...
attribute_tableExtract a volume coverage pattern table with all attributes
beam_distanceCalculate radar beam distance
beam_heightCalculate radar beam height
beam_profileCalculate vertical radiation profile
beam_profile_overlapCalculate overlap between a vertical profile ('vp') of...
beam_rangeCalculate radar beam range
beam_widthCalculate radar beam width
bind_into_vptsBind vertical profiles ('vp') into time series ('vpts')
bioRad-deprecatedDeprecated bioRad functions and data
bioRad-packagebioRad: Biological Analysis and Visualization of Weather...
calculate_paramCalculate a new scan parameter
calculate_vpCalculate a vertical profile ('vp') from a polar volume...
check_date_formatCheck if character date is in specific format
check_dockerCheck if Docker is running
check_nightCheck if it is night at a given time and place
check_radar_codesCheck if radar codes are exactly 5 characters
composite_ppiCreate a composite of multiple plan position indicators...
convert_legacyConvert legacy bioRad objects
c.vpConcatenate vertical profiles ('vp') into a list of vertical...
dbz_to_etaConvert reflectivity factor to reflectivity
download_basemapDownload a basemap for 'map(ppi)'
download_pvolfilesDownload polar volume ('pvol') files from the NEXRAD archive
download_vpfilesDownload vertical profile ('vp') files from the ENRAM data...
doy_noyLook up day of year (doy) or night of year (noy)
eta_to_dbzConvert reflectivity to reflectivity factor
example_scanScan ('scan') example
example_vpVertical profile ('vp') example
example_vptsTime series of vertical profiles ('vpts') example
filter_vptsTime and night/day selection in a time series of vertical...
gaussian_beam_profileGaussian beam profile as a function of height
get_elevation_anglesGet elevation angles of a polar volume ('pvol'), scan...
get_iris_raw_taskCheck task of IRIS RAW file
get_odim_object_typeCheck the 'data' object contained in a ODIM HDF5 file
get_paramGet a parameter ('param') from a scan ('scan')
get_quantityGet a quantity from a vertical profile ('vp') or time series...
get_scanGet a scan ('scan') from a polar volume ('pvol')
integrate_profileVertically integrate profiles ('vp' or 'vpts') to an...
integrate_to_ppiCalculate a plan position indicator ('ppi') of vertically... 'NaN' in a dataframe
is.pvolfileCheck if a file is a polar volume ('pvol')
is.vpfileCheck if a file is a vertical profile ('vp')
mapMap a plan position indicator ('ppi')
match_filenamesMatch a set of regular expressions to a list of files
nexrad_to_odimConvert a NEXRAD polar volume file to an ODIM polar volume...
nyquist_velocityNyquist velocity for a given pulse repetition frequency (PRF)
OpsMathematical and arithmetic operations on param's, scan's and...
plot.ppiPlot a plan position indicator ('ppi')
plot.scanPlot a scan ('scan') in polar coordinates
plot.vpPlot a vertical profile ('vp')
plot.vpiPlot an integrated profile ('vpi')
plot.vptsPlot a time series of vertical profiles ('vpts')
project_as_ppiProject a scan ('scan') or parameter ('param') to a plan...
proj_to_wgsA wrapper for 'spTransform'.
rcsGet radar cross section
rcs-setSet radar cross section
read_cajunRead a vertical profile ('vp') from UMASS Cajun text file
read_pvolfileRead a polar volume ('pvol') from file
read_vpRead a vertical profile ('vp') from file
read_vpfilesRead a vertical profile ('vp') or a list of vertical profiles...
read_vptsRead a time series of vertical profiles ('vpts') from file
regularize_vptsRegularize a time series of vertical profiles ('vpts') on a...
scan_to_rasterconvert a polar scan into a raster
scan_to_spatialconvert a polar scan into a spatial object.
sd_vvp_thresholdGet threshold of the radial velocity standard deviation
sd_vvp_threshold-setSet threshold of the radial velocity standard deviation
select_vpfilesSelect vertical profile ('vp') files from computer
skip_if_no_dockerSkip test if no docker
sub-.ppiSubset a plan position indicator ('ppi')
sub-.vptsSubset a time series of vertical profiles ('vpts')
summary.paramInspect a parameter ('param')
summary.ppiInspect a plan position indicator ('ppi')
summary.pvolInspect a polar volume ('pvol')
summary.scanInspect a scan ('scan')
summary.vpInspect a vertical profile ('vp')
summary.vpiInspect an integrated profile ('vpi')
summary.vptsInspect a time series of vertical profiles ('vpts')
sunrise_sunsetCalculate sunrise or sunset for a time and place
update_dockerUpdate Docker image from Docker hub
vol2bird_versionCheck version of the vol2bird algorithm used by bioRad
vplist_to_vptsBind vertical profiles ('vp') into time series ('vpts')
wgs_to_projA wrapper for 'spTransform'.
write_pvolfileWrite a polar volume ('pvol') object to ODIM HDF5 file
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