Man pages for biosurvey
Tools for Biological Survey Planning

assign_blocksHelper to assign block numbers to data according to variables...
base_PAMConstructor of S3 objects of class base_PAM
biosurveybiosurvey: Tools for Biological Survey Planning
block_sampleSelection of blocks in environmental space
b_pamExample of object obtained from using the function base_PAM
closest_to_centroidDetection of the closest points to the centroid of a cloud of...
compare_SACComparative plots of species accumulation curves
DI_dendrogramPlot dissimilarities withing and among sets of selected sites...
dis_loopHelper to calculate dissimilarities in loop
distance_filterHelper to filter sets of sites by median distance among all...
dist_listA list of vectors of distances
EG_selectionSelection of survey sites maximizing uniformity in...
explore_data_EGPlots to explore environmental factors in environmental and...
files_2dataCreates a data.frame of species' references from files in a...
find_clustersDetection of clusters in 2D spaces
find_modesFind modes in a multimodal distribution
grid_from_regionCreates grid for a given geographic region
legend_barHelper to add a bar image legend to plots
make_blocksCreates a block-like regionalization of environmental space
master_matrixConstructor of S3 objects of class master_matrix
master_selectionConstructor of S3 objects of class master_selection
match_rformatHelper function to find raster extension
m_matrixExample of a master_matrix object with no preselected sites
m_matrix_preExample of a master_matrix object containing preselected...
m_selectionExample of a master_selection object from using functions for...
mxExample of spatial polygon for a region of interest
PAM_CSConstructor of S3 objects of class PAM_CS
PAM_from_tableCreates presence-absence matrix from a data.frame
PAM_indicesBiodiversity indices derived from PAM
PAM_subsetConstructor of S3 objects of class PAM_subset
plot_blocks_EGRepresentation of environmental blocks in geography and...
plot_DIPlotting dissimilarity indices withing and among sets of...
plot_PAM_CSRepresentations of diversity and dispersion indices
plot_PAM_geoPlot of PAM indices in geography
plot_SACPlotting lists of species accumulation curves
plot_sites_EGRepresentation of sites selected to be surveyed
point_sampleSample points from a 2D environmental space
point_sample_clusterSample points from a 2D environmental space potentially...
point_thinningHelps in thinning points either in geographic or...
prepare_base_PAMPresence-absence matrix (PAM) linked to a spatial grid
prepare_master_matrixPrepare a base object to perform further analyses
prepare_PAM_CSPreparing data for new range-diversity plot
preselectedExample of a data.frame of preselected sites
preselected_dist_maskHelper to create objects to detect points to close to...
printPrint a short version of elements in master and base objects
purplowSimple color palettes
random_selectionRandom selection of survey sites
refill_PAM_indicesHelper to refill a list of PAM indices with new or more...
rlist_2dataCreates a data.frame of species' references from a list of...
selected_sites_DIDissimilarity indices from PAM_subset
selected_sites_PAMHelper to subset PAM according to selected sites
selected_sites_SACSpecies accumulation curves from PAM_subset
sp_dataExample of a data.frame of species' found in distinct...
spdf_2dataCreates a data.frame of species' references from...
species_dataExample of species ranges as SpatialPolygonsDataFrame
sp_layersExample of stack of layers of suitable and unsuitable...
sp_occurrencesOccurrence records for the species Parides gundlachianus
stack_2dataCreates a data.frame of species' references from RasterStack
subset_PAMSubset PAM according to selected sites
summarySummary of attributes and results
uniformE_selectionSelection of survey sites maximizing uniformity in...
uniformG_selectionSelection of survey sites maximizing uniformity in geography
unimodal_testUnimodality test for list of one or multiple sets of values
variablesExample of variables to be used for preparing a master matrix
wgs84_2aed_laeaProject spatial points from geographic coordinates
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