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Estimates cumulative history for time-series for continuously viewed bistable perceptual rivalry displays. Computes cumulative history via a homogeneous first order differential process. I.e., it assumes exponential growth/decay of the history as a function time and perceptually dominant state, Pastukhov & Braun (2011) doi: 10.1167/11.10.12. Supports Gamma, log normal, and normal distribution families. Provides a method to compute history directly and example of using the computation on a custom Stan code.


Stan Development Team (2020). RStan: the R interface to Stan. R package version 2.21.2.

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vignette("cumulative-history", package = "bistablehistory") vignette("usage-examples", package = "bistablehistory") vignette("writing-stan-code", package = "bistablehistory")

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