Man pages for blindrecalc
Blinded Sample Size Recalculation

adjusted_alphaAdjusted level of significance
adjusted_alpha.ChiSquareAdjusted level of significance
adjusted_alpha.FarringtonManningAdjusted level of significance
adjusted_alpha.StudentAdjusted level of significance
blindrecalcBlinded Sample Size Recalculation
ChiSquareChi-squared test
FarringtonManningFarrington Manning test
n_distDistribution of the Sample Size
n_dist.ChiSquareDistribution of the Sample Size
n_dist.FarringtonManningDistribution of the Sample Size
n_dist.StudentDistribution of the Sample Size
n_fixFixed Sample Size
n_fix.ChiSquareFixed Sample Size
n_fix.FarringtonManningFixed Sample Size
n_fix.StudentFixed Sample Size
simulationSimulate Rejection Probability and Sample Size for Student's...
StudentStudent's t test
toerType I Error Rate
toer.ChiSquareType I Error Rate
toer.FarringtonManningType I Error Rate
toer.StudentType I Error Rate
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