blmeco: Data Files and Functions Accompanying the Book "Bayesian Data Analysis in Ecology using R, BUGS and Stan"

Data files and functions accompanying the book Korner-Nievergelt, Roth, von Felten, Guelat, Almasi, Korner-Nievergelt (2015) "Bayesian Data Analysis in Ecology using R, BUGS and Stan", Elsevier, New York.

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AuthorFraenzi Korner-Nievergelt, Tobias Roth, Stefanie von Felten, Jerome Guelat, Bettina Almasi, Pius Korner-Nievergelt
Date of publication2015-08-22 17:36:30
MaintainerFraenzi Korner-Nievergelt <>

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Man pages

AICweights: Calculates AICc-weights for each model of a set of models

anoctua: Presence-absence data of Little owls in nest boxes

blackstork: Breeding success of Black storks in Latvia

blmeco-package: Data Sets and Functions Accompagning the Book Bayesian Data...

compareqqnorm: Produces QQ-plots of model residuals and of random normal...

cortbowl: stress hormone data of nestling barn owls which were either...

crosspoint: Gives the x and y-coordinates of the cross point of two...

dispersion_glmer: Measures dispersion in a glmer-model

ellenberg: Hohenheim groundwater table experiment of Heinz Ellenberg

frogs: Counts of the number of frogs in a water body

historyplot: Function to plot history (trace) plots of the Markov chains... Bayesian leave-one-out cross-validation

mdat: Simulated set of correlated variables

nightingales: Nightingale territory occupancy data

ocv: Ordinary cross validation score

parusmajor: Number of migrating Great tits

periparusater: The data contain morphological measurements taken from museum...

pondfrog: Fake Data of the Numbers of Frogs in Ponds

pondfrog1: Fake Data: Number of Frogs in Ponds

redstart: Common Redstart (Phoenicurus phoenicurus) counts

resprouts: Survival data of tree sprouts

roostingsiteuse: Roosting site use by little owls

spermdepletion: Sperm depletion data in a hermaphrodite sea slug

survival_swallows: Telemetry data of Barn swallow fledglings

swallowfarms: Number of fledged Barn Swallows per nest

swallows: Data set with number of nesting swallows per barn

triplot.normal.knownvariance: Draw prior, data and posterior for a known variance normal...

WAIC: Watanabe-Akaike or widely applicable information criterion...

wildflowerfields: Territory numbers of Whitethroat in wildflowerfields

wingbowl: Growth rate data of Barn owl nestlings and corticosterone

yellow_bellied_toad: Site-occupancy data for Yellow-bellied toads


AICweights Man page
anoctua Man page
blackstork Man page
blmeco Man page
blmeco-package Man page
compareqqnorm Man page
cortbowl Man page
crosspoint Man page
dispersion_glmer Man page
ellenberg Man page
frogs Man page
historyplot Man page Man page
mdat Man page
nightingales Man page
ocv Man page
parusmajor Man page
periparusater Man page
pondfrog Man page
pondfrog1 Man page
redstart Man page
resprouts Man page
roostingsiteuse Man page
spermdepletion Man page
survival_swallows Man page
swallowfarms Man page
swallows Man page
triplot.normal.knownvariance Man page
WAIC Man page
wildflowerfields Man page
wingbowl Man page
yellow_bellied_toad Man page

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