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Data Files and Functions Accompanying the Book "Bayesian Data Analysis in Ecology using R, BUGS and Stan"

AICweightsCalculates AIC-weights from a vector of AIC values
anoctuaPresence-absence data of Little owls in nest boxes
blackstorkBreeding success of Black storks in Latvia
blmeco-packageData Sets and Functions Accompagning the Book Bayesian Data...
compareqqnormProduces QQ-plots of model residuals and of random normal...
cortbowlstress hormone data of nestling barn owls which were either...
crosspointGives the x and y-coordinates of the cross point of two...
dispersion_glmerMeasures dispersion in a glmer-model
ellenbergHohenheim groundwater table experiment of Heinz Ellenberg
frogsCounts of the number of frogs in a water body
historyplotFunction to plot history (trace) plots of the Markov chains...
loo.cvBayesian leave-one-out cross-validation
mdatSimulated set of correlated variables
nightingalesNightingale territory occupancy data
ocvOrdinary cross validation score
parusmajorNumber of migrating Great tits
periparusaterThe data contain morphological measurements taken from museum...
pondfrogFake Data of the Numbers of Frogs in Ponds
pondfrog1Fake Data: Number of Frogs in Ponds
redstartCommon Redstart (Phoenicurus phoenicurus) counts
resproutsSurvival data of tree sprouts
roostingsiteuseRoosting site use by little owls
spermdepletionSperm depletion data in a hermaphrodite sea slug
survival_swallowsTelemetry data of Barn swallow fledglings
swallowfarmsNumber of fledged Barn Swallows per nest
swallowsData set with number of nesting swallows per barn
triplot.normal.knownvarianceDraw prior, data and posterior for a known variance normal...
WAICWatanabe-Akaike or widely applicable information criterion...
wildflowerfieldsTerritory numbers of Whitethroat in wildflowerfields
wingbowlGrowth rate data of Barn owl nestlings and corticosterone
yellow_bellied_toadSite-occupancy data for Yellow-bellied toads
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