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The goal of blob is to provide a simple S3 class to represent a vector of binary objects, aka blobs. The blob class is a lightweight wrapper around a list of raw vectors, suitable for inclusion in a data frame.

In most cases you will not need to use this package explicitly: it will be used transparently by packages that need to load BLOB columns from databases or binary file formats.


# The easiest way to get blob is to install the whole tidyverse:

# Alternatively, install just blob:

# Or the the development version from GitHub:
# install.packages("devtools")


To create a blob, use blob(), new_blob() or as_blob():


x1 <- charToRaw("Good morning")
x2 <- as.raw(c(0x48, 0x65, 0x6c, 0x6c, 0x6f))

new_blob(list(x1, x2))
#> <blob[2]>
#> [1] blob[12 B] blob[5 B]
blob(x1, x2)
#> <blob[2]>
#> [1] blob[12 B] blob[5 B]

as_blob(c("Good morning", "Good evening"))
#> <blob[2]>
#> [1] blob[12 B] blob[12 B]

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