Man pages for boa
Bayesian Output Analysis Program (BOA) for MCMC

boa.acfAutocorrelation Function
boa.batchMeansBatch Means
boa.chainSession Lists of MCMC Sequences
boa.chain.addAdd MCMC Sequence
boa.chain.collapseConcatenate MCMC Sequences
boa.chain.delDelete MCMC Sequences
boa.chain.evalFormulate New Parameter
boa.chain.gandrGelman and Rubin Convergence Diagnostics
boa.chain.importImport MCMC Sequence
boa.chain.infoInformation about MCMC Sequences
boa.chain.resetReset MCMC Sequences
boa.chain.subsetSubset MCMC Sequences
boa.chain.supportSet Support for Parameters
boa.getiterExtract Iterations
boa.getparmsExtract Parameters
boa.gewekeGeweke Convergence Diagnostics
boa.gewekePwrGeweke Spectral Density Estimation
boa.handwHeidelberger and Welch Convergence Diagnostics
boa.hpdHighest Probability Density Interval
boa.importASCIIImport ASCII Data
boa.importBUGSImport BUGS Data
boa.importMatrixImport ASCII Data
boa.initStart Session
boa.iterExtract Iteration Numbers
boa.licenseLicensing Information
boa.loadLoad Session
boa.menuInteractive BOA Menu
boa.parGlobal Parameters
boa.pardescGlobal Parameters Descriptions
boa.plotPlot Parameters in MCMC Sequences
boa.plot.acfPlot Autocorrelation Function
boa.plot.bandgPlot Brooks and Gelman Multivariate Shrink Factors
boa.plot.closeClose Graphics Windows
boa.plot.densityPlot Density Functions
boa.plot.gandrPlot Gelman and Rubin Shrink Factors
boa.plot.gewekePlot Geweke Convergence Diagnostics
boa.plot.historyPlot Parameter Estimation Histories
boa.plot.openOpen Graphics Windows
boa.plot.parSet Plotting Parameters
boa.plot.titleAdd Plot Title
boa.plot.tracePlot Trace Histories
boa.pnamesExtract Parameter Names
boa.print.acfPrint Autocorrelation Functions
boa.print.corPrint Correlation Matrices
boa.print.gandrPrint Gelman and Rubin Convergence Diagnostics
boa.print.gewekePrint Geweke Convergence Diagnostics
boa.print.handwPrint Heidelberger and Welch Convergence Diagnostics
boa.print.hpdPrint Highest Probability Density Intervals
boa.print.infoPrint Information about MCMC Sequences
boa.print.parPrint Global Parameters' Descriptions and Current Values
boa.print.randlPrint Raftery and Lewis Convergence Diagnostics
boa.print.statsPrint Summary Statistics
boa.quitQuit Session
boa.randlRaftery and Lewis Convergence Diagnostics
boa.saveSave Session
boa.sortiterSort by Iteration Numbers
boa.sortparmsSort by Parameter Names
boa.statsSummary Statistics
boa.transformTransform Variables
boa.versionVersion Information
colVarsColumn Variances
lineBUGS Line Example
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