brainwaver: Basic wavelet analysis of multivariate time series with a visualisation and parametrisation using graph theory.

This package computes the correlation matrix for each scale of a wavelet decomposition, namely the one performed by the R package waveslim (Whitcher, 2000). An hypothesis test is applied to each entry of one matrix in order to construct an adjacency matrix of a graph. The graph obtained is finally analysed using the small-world theory (Watts and Strogatz, 1998) and using the computation of efficiency (Latora, 2001), tested using simulated attacks. The brainwaver project is complementary to the camba project for brain-data preprocessing. A collection of scripts (with a makefile) is avalaible to download along with the brainwaver package, see information on the webpage mentioned below.

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AuthorSophie Achard <>
Date of publication2012-12-02 07:08:10
MaintainerSophie Achard <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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brain Man page
choose.thresh.nbedges Man page
compute.FDR Man page
const.adj.list Man page
const.adj.mat Man page
const.cor.list Man page
const.var.list Man page Man page
cost.evaluator Man page
distance Man page
equadist.rand.sw Man page
fitting Man page
global.cost Man page
global.efficiency Man page
ideal.wavelet.levels Man page
local.efficiency Man page
node.attack Man page
p.value.compute Man page
rand.eff Man page
random.attack Man page
rand.sw Man page
read.convert_1_2 Man page
read.cor.txt Man page
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reg.eff Man page
reg.sw Man page
save.cor.txt Man page
save.var.txt Man page
sim.equadist Man page
sim.rand Man page
sim.reg Man page Man page
targeted.attack Man page
wave.trans Man page
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