Man pages for brainwaver
Basic wavelet analysis of multivariate time series with a visualisation and parametrisation using graph theory.

brainTime series obtained by an fMRI experiement on the brain
choose.thresh.nbedgesThreshold associated to a given number of edges.
compute.FDRFalse Discovery Rate computation
const.adj.listComputation of the list of adjacency matrices
const.adj.matComputation of the adjacency matrix
const.cor.listComputation of the list of correlation matrices
const.var.listComputation of the list of variance vectors adjencency matrices for a given number of edges
equadist.rand.swSmall-world parameters for a simulated graph given its degree...
fittingFitting laws with maximum likelihood
global.efficiencyGraph efficiency
p.value.computeComputation of the p-value for a given hypotheses test
rand.effEfficiency for simulated graphs
random.attackAttack of graphs
rand.swSmall-world parameters for simulated random graphs
read.convert_1_2Conversion of already edited objects from version 1 to 2
read.cor.txtExportation and importation of internal objects.
read.var.txtExportation and importation internal objects.
reg.swSmall-world parameters for a lattice graph
sim.randSimulation of graphs
small.worldComputation of some quantitive parameters given in the...
wave.transComputation of the wavelet transform
youngTime series obtained by an fMRI experiement on the brain
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